Horse Health Resources

Horse teeth and gums
Above: Inspecting a horse's teeth and gums.
Resource Materials
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Estimate Your Equine's Weight  by Martin Lintin Leedy
Equine Health
Mating and Gestation
Equine Functional Anatomy
Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (EPSM)
Infectious Diseases
Horse Health Care
Poisonous Plants and Animals
Additional Resources
horse hoof x-ray
Above: Marking the point of the hoof coffin bone for a diagnostic X-Ray.
A place to spend time with others interested in draft animals, self-sufficient living,
small-scale family farming and other aspects of our rich rural heritage.
Home of the internet’s most extensive calendar listing of draft horse events
(frequently updated online)
An online listing of businesses that provide products and services to the draft animal
industry as well as small sustainable farming activities.
Harness information, including a full line of custom harness and related tack.
Teams for Sale
Find and/or list a Horse, Oxen, Mule or Donkey Team for sale.
ox horn repair
Above: The combination of herd life and positive human interaction teaches the filly good social skills, helping prepare her for whatever life has to offer.

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