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Rural Heritage magazine is made possible by the talents and experiences of many farmers, teamsters, loggers, writers, and do-it-yourselfers who are enthusiastic about taking yesterday's ways and modifing and improving upon them to work for us today. Below is a way you can connect with a few of our regular contributors. They have much more to say than what we can print in the magazine and are also happy to engage in conversation with others about their work.
Eric and Anne Nordell - Beech Grove Farm
eric nordell
 Eric and Anne Nordell
 3410 State Route 184,
 Trout Run, PA 17771

 blog: covercropsincorporated.wordpress.com

Anne and Eric operate Beech Grove Farm and have been growing vegetables and cover crops with draft horse power for 35 years, certified organic since 1987

They sell a booklet detailing their bio-extensive system entitled Weed the Soil, Not the Crop ($10 plus $3 s/h) and DVD ($15 plus $3 s/h). Send payments to the address at left.

They have been contributing to Rural Heritage magazine since 1998.

Stephen Leslie - Cedar Mountain Farm
stephen leslie
 Stephen Leslie & Kerry Gawalt
 25 A Linden Road,
 Hartland, Vermont 05048

 phone: 541-510-2359
 email: info@cedarmountinfarm.org
 web: cedarmountainfarm.org

Stephen Leslie, along with his wife Kerry Gawalt and daughter Maeve, manages Cedar Mountain Farm; a Fjord horse-powered CSA market garden and Jersey cow dairy, located at Cobb Hill Co-Housing in Hartland, VT.  They are also partners in the Cobb Hill Cheese Company where they make four kinds of aged whole milk artisanal cheeses.

Stephen is the author of “The New Horse-Powered Farm” and “Horse-Powered Farming for the 21st Century” available at www.mischka.com/shop.

Stephen has been contributing to Rural Heritage magazine since 2013.

Charlie Tennessen - Anarchy Acres
charlie tennessen
 Charlie Tennessen
 Mt Pleasant, Wisconsin

 email: jasmanjul@gmail.com
 web: anarchyacres.com
 blog: anarchyacres.blogspot.com
 FB: facebook.com/AnarchyAcres/
 youtube: youtube.com/user/JasJul10

Charlie owns and operates a donkey powered farm in Wisconsin. He specializes in organic, regional heritage wheats and flour milled from it. He is also an excellent baker and shares his cooking experiences and recipes on his blog and FB page.

He is also the author of three children's books featuring his donkeys Sebastian, Cassie and Rosie as well as a cook book (all available at mischkapress.com/shop. Just put "Tennessen" in the search field)

Charlie has been contributing to Rural Heritage magazine since 2017.

Jenifer Morrissey - Willowtrail Farm
jenifer morrissey
 Jenifer Morrissey
 27718 Old Highway 18
 Hot Springs, South Dakota 57747

 phone: 605-745-3699
 email: workponies@frii.com
 website: www.willowtrailfarm.com
 blog: https://www.willowtrailfarm.com/partnered-pony-blog/ and
 FB: facebook.com/willowtrail.farmponies

Jenifer operates Willowtrail Farm where she raises Fell Ponies. She is the author of numerous books on ponies and other topics.

Jenifer has been a contributor to Rural Heritage since 2009.

Karen Kirsch -
ruby and amber organic farm
 Karen Kirsch

 email: karenlk46@aol.com
Karen lives on an 1821 farm in Ohio with her dogs, cats, donkeys and chickens and has a lifetime involvement in animal welfare and conservation. Her writing features out-of-the-mainstream subjects who are committed to making the world a kinder, more responsible place in the hope that heralding their efforts will inspire others. Her work has been published nationally and internationally. Karen is currently working on a collection of short stories called "Leaving Fifth Street".

Karen has been contributing to Rural Heritage magazine since 2009.
Ralph Rice - Riceland Meadows
ralph rice
 Ralph Rice
 1485 State Route 307
 Jefferson, Ohio 44047

 phone: 440-576-7701
 email: ricelandmeadows@roadrunner.com
 blog: www.ricelandmeadows.com

Ralph owns and operates Riceland Meadows, a small sustainable, diversified farm. He he raises hogs, sheep, goats, beef, turkeys, chickens and bees as well as raising various crops. He also produces maple syrup, gardens and preserves his own food, and slaughters and processes his own meat.

His Percheron draft horses are the true stars of his farm and provide power and companionship for logging, syrup operations, field work.

Environmental and woodland stewardship are dear to his heart and at the core of his farming philosophy.

Ralph is also the author of the book Cultivating Memories.

Ralph has been contributing to Rural Heritage since 2002. He and his farm have been featured on numerous shows on Rural Heritage on RFD-TV.

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