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Estimate your Equine’s Weight

draft horse weight calculation

Rural Heritage illustration.
by Mari Lintin Leedy
Knowing your equine's weight is important for things like ordering
harness, giving medications, and monitoring your equine’s condition.
To estimate weight, measure its girth and length as shown in the
illustration above, enter those numbers in the fields provided below,
and click on the Weight Estimate button. If you wish to keep records for
several animals, enter each animal’s name before printing the page
showing its estimated weight.
Girth is the circumference of the body about 4" behind its front legs.
Length is the length of the body as measured in a straight line from
the point of shoulder to the buttocks.

Equine Weight Form

  • inches centimeters

  • Please click on the weight estimate button to calculate weight

Mari Lintin Leedy
Mari Lintin Leedy is a Tennessee harnessmaker, website:

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