• February/March 2016 Rural Heritage magazine:Paula Blough rides Fuzz on her family's Michigan farm.
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So let's take a look at market gardening.
Horse-powered farming for hte 21st century
New book by Stephen Leslie.
New Book

    During the winter we seem to have a little extra time to plan, dream, read, and plan some more. A new book to add to your reading and planning was just published. Stephen Leslie presents Horse-Powered Farming for the 21st Century. For a sample of Mr Leslie's writing, check out his series in our Resource section.
    To continue the theme watch market gardeners Klaus and Lee Karbaumer on our Rural Heritage show on RFD in mid-January.
    For those of you who want the latest articles on Draft Animal farming, subscribe to Rural Heritage magazine. If you forgot to order your calendars we still have them in stock. Visit our commerce website www.mischka.com to view all of our products.

Tips and Techniques for Draft Horse Shoeing – expert Farrier Michael Wildenstein demonstrates shoeing and trimming.
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