• 2019 Mischka Press CalendarsDraft Hores, Mule, Driving Horse, Donkey, America's Rural Yesterday and Standup Draft Horse calendars.
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Summertime Reading
Reminiscing, cooking and a children's book -
some fun new books to while away the hours.

We have three new books in our catalog!

Popcorn Day is the second in Charlie Tennessen's Team Anarchy Series about three little donkeys that time forgot.
Kitchen Chaos - Recipes from a Wisconsin Homestead is also by Tennessen. He shares recipes he uses for his grains, vegetables and eggs.
Looking Back by Gene England, a Georgia Muleman, passes on wisdom of a simpler age as well as timeless tips and techniques for farmers.

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2019 Calendars are HERE!

Week of September 18th: 2018 Horse Progress Days Equipment Demonstrations - Part 1 Produce and Haying—Manufacturers of horse drawn produce and haymaking equipment demonstrate at HPD 2018 in Clare, Mich. Visit RFD–TV for the Rural Heritage scheduled times in your viewing area.
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