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Good Winter Reads

Something for Everyone...

Winter is a good time to catch up on some good reading. Three books we recommend:
Farming for the Long Haul - Examines solutions for a small farm economy that can compete in today's world.
Grow Your Soil - Basics of improving and maintaining healthy soil using cover crops, organic matter, and encouraging microbial activity.
In Praise of Oxen - Stunning photographs in the ox country of SW Nova Scotia commemorate the important role this draft animal plays there.

For lots more books and DVDs visit: www.mischka.com/shop along with ALL of our products.

Week of February 23rd: Comer Wagon Train—The Comer Family hosts an annual wagon train featuring horses in harness and under saddle beginning in Osgood, Indiana. Visit RFD–TV for the Rural Heritage scheduled times in your viewing area.

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