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discing with Percherons
Above: Discing with a Percheron team.

Rural Heritage Magazine

Rural Heritage is a bi-monthly magazine published since 1976 and is chock full
of helpful articles, resources and advice. It covers all aspects of diversified,
sustainable farming, logging and gardening, with an emphasis
on draft animal power.

Rural Heritage is written by, about and for people who are actually using the
methods of yesterday to do the work of today. Learn about down-to-earth skills
and problem solving for issues ranging from training your draft animal to
enriching your diversified farm.

Rural Heritage has become an essential part of our loyal subscribers’
lives … see how it can make a difference in your life.

We are dedicated, through our magazine, website and half-hour TV show on
RFD-TV, to celebrating our rich rural heritage.

Preview the latest edition in the Reading Room or view a sample issue on the
Digital Editions Page.

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