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Above: Rural Heritage February – March 2024 Cover: Teamsters demonstrate plowing with oxen on difficult ground at the 2023 Draft Animal Power Field Days in Shelburne, Vt.

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Table of Contents
Publishers Post
Joe discusses his parents and his youth on a farm raising, working and showing Percherons and the admiration he has for skillful teamsters.
Rural Bookshelf
Joe reviews Donald Kautz's book Mills of Lancaster County.The bookincludes an overfiew of milling in the 18th and 19th centuries, stories of many mills still standing and indexes, timelines and maps to help you find mills still standing.
J C Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including photos of hogs foraging, roadside apple market, cane sugar hauling, and dairy cow conformation.
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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wool sheep
Sheep in pasture at the Carvers Imperial Stock Ranch near Maupin, Ore.
Adaptive Stewardship
Farmers and ranchers are using “adaptive stewardship,” working with the environment instead of against it, to gain the best results for both the land and the people working it. Jennifer Morrissey provides numerous examples of how people are incorporating this concept into their operations.
horse drawn dwagon
Ralph Rice's completed funeral wagon restoration project.
A New Look for an Old Friend − − − click on title to read this story in full.
Ralph Rice describes how he restored an old, authentic lumber wagon that once belonged to an old friend.
heritage hogs
Ansel Bachman and one of his heritage pasture-raised hogs.
Reverent Homesteading
Brittany J P Bachman outlines the specific physical, spiritual and mental benefits of homesteading.

Sipping an inviting cup of coffee sets Jerry Hicks down memory lane to a miserable, rainy trail ride when hot, black cup of coffee saved the day.

Box Elder County Fair
Dennis Patterson provides a summary of Box Elder County Draft Horse Show that took place in Tremonton, Utah, last summer. After an absence of more than a decade, horse driving competitions returned to the fair in 2015 and are still going strong.

Herbs and Wildflowers
An introduction to common beneficial herbs and wildflowers for external use. Jacqueline Courteau provides detailed descriptions, charts and resources for reaping the benefits of these common plants.
Moving to Stand
Donn Hewes walks readers through the process of teaching your horse to “move to a stand.” Mixing movement and standing in training can help your horse stand better and longer.
training horses
Don Hewes and a 2 1⁄2-year-old Suffolk stallion going through his first lessons.
Seeing the Pain of Animals with a Child’s and with an Adult’s Eyes
Dick Courteau weighs in on the necessity for – and the challenges to – treating our farm animals humanely.

horse team mowing
Eric Nordell mowing high which prevents the cut grass from smothering the sod.
Horses and Mules at Midwest Old Thresher’s Reunion
Pictures from the event held in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, over the Labor Day Weekend in 2023.
Hoof Care Part 1

Dick Courteau offers tips and techniques for keeping your equine’s hooves – and, thus, their overall health – in good working order.

Raising the Bar
The Nordell’s discuss using their McCormick #7 mower and how adjusting the cutter bar height can make a world of difference in mower performance for various conditions. This includes detailed descriptions and photos of how to adjust and how high to adjust the cutter bar to suit various situations.

Cedar Creek Plow Day
Photos from the Cedar Creek Plow Day held in Linden, Tenn., Oct. 12-14, 2023.
Suffolk Punch horses
Jonathan Rose raked hay with a forecart, side-delivery rake and Emery's Suffolk Punch horses at Cedar Creek Plow Day in Linden, Tenn.
Horsefarming Internship
Three farms working together in Marathon, N.Y., are offering a unique internship opportunity that will include a wide variety of tasks – from using horses to seeding, planting, weeding and harvesting a range of plants to milking a cow and doing shop work.
Suffolk Punch horses
Becky Frye drives a team of Suffolk Punch horses put to a cultipacker.

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