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Above: Rural Heritage August-September 2018 Cover: Jacob and Justin Davis load green hay at their Kennan, Wis. farm.

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Table of Contents
Publisher's Post

Joe shares his visit to the small diversified farm of John Davis and extoles his ability to make it profitable. We also learn of his upcoming travels biking across Iowa and filming shows from Wyoming to Virginia in hte next couple months. Watch for these shows in the fall on Rural Heritage on RFD-TV.

Rural Bookshelf

New books by Gene England (Looking Back) and Charlie Tennessen (Popcorn Day) are reviewed by Joe.

J.C. Allen Archives

Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including photos of cutting soybeans with a binder, baling alfalfa with a horse drawn hay press, gray mule pulling loose hay, and a knacker wagon hauling carcasses to be rendered.

Lynn Miller's
Art of Working Horses
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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hauling feed with draft horses
Jason Julian keeps a close watch on Conan, their newest draft horse, as he helps haul feed to the young stock.
A Year in a Farm's Life (Part 4) - Fall and Winter

Katrina Julian completes her Farm Life series with activities from October through December. Life continues to be busy with final garden harvest and preservation, corn silage, readying the farm for winter, training a new horse to pull and so much more.

Hay on the Homestead

Charlie Tennessen explains how modern small-scale haymaking can be successful. He describes all the steps including scythe choice, weather, cutting technique and storage. Learn how he is doing this all on his four acre farm.

Building Your Own Snath− − − click on title to read this story in full.

Charlie Tennessen teachus us about snaths adn how to make your own from lumber, laminated wood or a stick from a shrub or small tree. Great photos on his own project are included.

raking up hay
Charlie and friends gathering hay and filling the cart for the trip up to the barnyard haystack. Pitchforks, garden forks and leaf rakes all work!


acorn flour
Frozen, raw acorns from white oaks.
Acorn Flour

We thought we would give it a try. A step-by-step story of the process we used to make acorn flour from our own trees all the way through to the recipes we cooked up using the flour.


Unveiling of the American Brabant Registry

The American Brabant Association has been working to officially define the breed (European Brabant and American Draft Horse, usually Belgian, cross) as well as create a registry to keep track fo owners, breeders, ancestry and lineage.



South Oregon Coast 1911

Jenifer Morrissey continues the stories about her great grandparents lives in Oregon. This episode follows them on their first automobile trip to the Oregon coast. Morrissey describes the landscape and its history of logging, cheesemaking, fishing, mining and agriculture beautifully.

logging with oxen
Logging with oxen in the Bandon, Oregon area in 1911.
snath handle
Turned snath handle.
Justify is "Justify'd"

Jenifer Morrissey explains why she is happy to be validated in her concentration on the mare side of the breeding equation as was done in breeding Justify - winner of the 2018 Triple Crown.



Making History

Three American Suffolk Punch horses donated by American breeders were sent to Australia to improve bloodlines there. Read about this endeavor and a little history of the breed in Australia.

american suffolk punch fillies
Three Suffolk Punch fillies,, De Korne's Glad Eli, Read's Evergreen Briana, Cornish Red Aster recently arrived in Australia from the USA.
Caring for Farm Work Horses

Another in our series reprinted from Farm Knowledge, Volume 1, Farm Animals, Their Care and Diseases, prepared by Sears and Roebuck. This article includes a thourough coverage on feed (how, what when, how much), watering, salt. Next it covers horse care (stable, brooming, clipping, bedding, pests) and on to the harness (adjusting, fitting, care). Lastly, foot care and elementary driving. This is timeless information for any draft horse owner.

draft horses

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