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Above: Rural Heritage October −November 2017 Cover: Four spotted drafts pull a side-delivery rake in the 2017 HPD haymaking field demonstration.

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Table of Contents
Teamsters Tips

A look back at tried and true advice from over 30 years of Rural Heritage featuring: Draft animal usefulness, splitting straight rails, applying manure to pastures, rope loop, starting a colt on a pole, laminitis, turn out ideal horses, early gelding and the biggest wagon EVER!.

Letters to the Editor
Comments on our "Yes, Cows have Horns" article in the August/September issue.
Publisher's Post

Words of thanksgiving from our editor.

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civil war day
Walls go up and the roof is prepared for ribbed panels on Donn Hewes new barn.
A Barn Raising

After helping and learning from his Amish neighbors, Donn Hewes plans his own barn.  And again, with the help of many friends, he builds it.  Lots of great pictures of the six hour barn raising!

Packing Gravel− − − click on title to read this story in full.

Jenifer Morrissey tells about her job packing gravel from a mountain site, down hill to a housing site.   She uses an experienced pony and a novice.  We are reminded what these ponies were bred for – short and easy to load, surefooted in steep rocky terrain and strong enough for a heavy load.

mules packing
Two ponies packing gravel down a steep trail to a lakeside building site through an area burned in a forest fire last year.


feeding hogs
How to Raise Hogs

A reprint from Farm Knowledge, Volume I, Farm Animals published in 1919 with comments from Ralph Rice.  This piece includes the essentials for starting and maintaining a hog operation (housing, breed choice, breeding, care, weaning, feeding, marketing and more.


Grass Fed Pork

Ralph Rice gives us information on additional nutrient rich food a grass fed pig needs.  A balanced ration and plenty of fresh clean water are essential.





draft horse driving clinic
Well known for quality wagons, Rolling Delight had a large display of inventory on hand.
A View from Holmes County

Mary Ann Sherman’s annual overview of all the goings o n at Horse Progress Days.  She sure makes it sound like the place to be!

Animal Powered Farming in Other Lands

This HPD seminar focused on helping developing countries with farming techniques to improve food production.  Two presenters discussed their work introducing practical ideas to local farmers and how to introduce new techniques and promote animal power to increase productivity.

Andrew Beiler’s Horse Training Demo

Horse Trainer Andrew Beiler spent his seminar teaching a 6-year-old Saddlebred horse. The horse was a little uneasy with he audience but Andrew demonstrated many techniques which the article explains well.

grazing plants
Joe's Machinery joined a mower with a crimper behind this team of three Percherons.
Organic No-Till

Dr Gladis Zinati of the Rodale Institute explains their herbicide free no-till method to kill a cover crop. This method uses an implement developed by Rodale called a roller-crimper. I&J now manufactures and sells a smaller version. Read about the success of this method with many tips for your own implementation.

draft horse collar
A beefed up collar for logging by Sellerie Percheronne
French Collars

Mona Latie representing Sellerie Percheronne of France brought some of their collars to show. Originally based on the Omnibus collar from the end of the 19th century, these collars are up to date and innovative. Take a look and read about the designs and materials.


Therapeutic Riding

Harmony Hollow Therapeutic Riding Program demonstrated Friday afternoon with three riders. Read about the organization and the benefits of this type of therapy.


Drip Irrigation

Toro Irrigation representative Bill Wohlfram explained all the ins and outs of drip irrigation. From basic parts to water source, filters, testing and "fertigation" - he covers all the basics.



The Earth Beneath Our Feet

"Good soil is like chocolate cake" said Reuben Stoltzfus during his talk about healthy soil. Read about some of Reuben's suggestions and warnings.

mules three abreast
Mule team at Horse Progress Days
Grass Finished Beef

Cattleman Tim Fritz explains how to produce grass fed beef. He covers types of forage, cattle breed choice, stocking rate and lots of information on the forage itself.

Horse Care

Dr. Jeffrey Edelson DVM teaches us about the proper care and conditioning of our horses for the work they perform and weather in which they will perform it. Included is a list the sign of heat stroke. He also presented information on "tying up" and how to prevent this problem.

International Meeting

A reporting on the annual meeting of international visitors, representing 16 different countries. Read about what some of the visitors shared with their US counterparts.

HORSE PROGRESS DAYS 2017 - Field Equipment Demonstrations

Lots of photos and information on the latest horse drawn farming equipment.

atriculating cultimulcher
Pioneer's new 4-foot model articulating cultimulcher.
Florida 1910

Jenifer Morrissey's great-great-grandfather's travels to Florida in 1910 inspire this article's history of Florida and it's agrigultural roots. She also provides some every interesting history of trains and transportatoin in those early years.

friendship wagon train
Percherons, mules and an Appaloosa saddle horse form a tight formation on the Friendship Wagon Train.

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