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Above: Rural Heritage February – March 23 Cover: Roger Manning of Williamston, N.C., is hidden driving his Percheron team while a couple of young volunteers handle the walking plow during the 2022 Mt. Hermon Plow Days in Mt. Hermon, Md.

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Table of Contents
Publishers Post
Joe briefly discusses two major articles in the magazine – Danielle Londrigan’s “Starting Over” series and Paul Schmit’s notes ffrom an online symposium about the feasibility of using draft animal power. He also talks about Rural Heritage’s new book project: America’s Rural Yesterday: Early Tractors.
Rural Bookshelf - The Harness Book
Joe reviews Lynn Miller's newest book The Harness Book. He talks about other essential books for the teamster/draft horse owner. It is full of useful and intersting information as well as typical Miller-isms.
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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stone boat
Taylor Johnson's home–made logging sled can be hitched at either end, and is used for many tasks, not just logging.
Building a Swamp Road
Taylor Johnson describes how he used found objects and people power to create a road through a frozen swamp in order to reinforce a lakeshore with rip-rap.
Bozeman Trail Mountains, Valleys and Rivers
Jenifer Morrissey concludes her coverage of the 2001 re-enactment of traversing the Bozeman Trail, including its triumphant arrival in Bozeman, Mont.
wagon train
The 2001 Bozeman Trail Wagon Train begins its ascent of Bozeman Pass. photo from Nick Shrouger's collection.
Working Horses Off-Season − − − click on title to read this story in full.
Ralph gives some tips on keeping your equines fit and engaged during the slower winter months.
cow drawing
Drawing by Jerry Hicks.
Early Cattle Lessons
Jerry Hicks recalls the lessons learned from his family’s failed attempt at raising cattle.

Just Because You've Done It Before
Dick Courteau recounts his experience riding the same horse in two rodeos. The two very different performances helped teach him to deal with bitter disappointment and trying again.

Shoo Flies Fly Trap
Karen Kirsch describes the detrimental effects of flies on livestock and how an old idea has been re-imagined to help the alleviate the problem – a walk-through fly removal chute.

draft horses at work
Ken Laing and his team terminate a cover crop at Orchard Hill Farm in Ontario. photo courtesy Ken Laing.
Working with Cover Crops
Jenifer Morrissey provides an in-depth exploration of cover-cropping and how many have adapted this practice to their own particular circumstances.

equine bits
Curb chain over the nose takes pressure off the mouth.
Starting Over - Part 5
The Londrigan family makes progress with the goal of living an off-grid life in southern Illinois. While work to finish their home progresses, they deal new problems posed by severe winter weather. Lots of great photos are included.

Responding to the Bit
Dick Courteau continues his discussion of accepting the bit, this time discussing the curb bit and the snaffle bit and using a curb chain over the nose to lessen pressure on the mouth.

Online Symposium Review
Paul Schmit shares his notes from an online symposium that focused on the feasibility of draft horse farming. It included many experts from Europe and North America.

draft horse power
Copy of live graphic recording performed by Katy Fox during the first symposium day.

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