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Above: Rural Heritage October–November 22 Cover: Four horses pull a small grain combine at the 2022 Horse Progress Days in Montgomery, Ind.

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Table of Contents
Publishers Post
Joe touches on several articles that appear in the Oct/Nov issue, including the extensive cover Rural Heritage and its contributors give to Horse Progress Days.
Rural Bookshelf
Jenifer Morrissey reviews the new book Species-Rich Grassland: The secret key to equine health by Dr Renate Vanselow.
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
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Danielle Londrigan, her daughter, and farm dog Rosa, loved watching the work on their new house begin.
Starting Over – Part 3
Danielle Londrigan continues her story of developing a new farm for the family. With winter approaching, the family finds innovative ways to deal with building delays and harsh weather.
The Scotch Hobble − − − click on title to read this story in full.
Dick describes the effective use of a Scotch hobble to teach your equine to stand calmly.
Retiring Mark
Horse logger Taylor Johnson describes how our draft animal partners can change our lives.
draft horses in snow
Draft horses Mark and Molly on a sunny winter day earlier this year.
Auctioneers: Poets, Salesmen and Philosophers...
Dick Courteau describes the many ways that auctioneers at draft animal and rural sales try to persuade audiences to join the bidding.
Ralph used lumber harvested from his farm to complete his hoop house project.
Stewardship of Seeds

Jenifer Morrissey describes how seed vendors carefully develop their seeds from pollination to packaging.

Farm Update

Ralph Rice updates readers on two projects he described in previous articles, his tractor tire watering tank and his hoop house.


Progress and Innovation
Ralph Rice offers some impressions on 2022 Horse Progress Days held in Montgomery, Ind., highlighting a seeder made for use in developing countries and a cultivator modified for use as an herbicide sprayer.
The Maresha plow/planter is manufactured from parts and materials affordable and available to village residents in Tanzania, including a salvaged tire rim, metal tubing and tree saplings.
The Beauty of Small
Dale Stoltzfus describes in depth the development of and uses for the Maresha plow/planter. This implement was showcased at the 2022 Horse Progress Days in Montgomery, Ind., and was made for use in the east African country of Tanzania.
Workshops and seminars are staged at a variety of locations. This seminar on cover crops was held at the end of one of the vendor tents.
Horse Progress Days 2022
A View from Holmes County
Mary Ann Sherman gives us a wonderful overview of the 2022 Horse Progress Days in Montgomery, Ind. She describes the grounds – Dinkie’s Auction Center – to the food and fun had by attendees from all over the world.

HPD 2022 seminars

Mary Ann Sherman details several of the many informative seminars held at the 2022 Horse Progress Days in Montgomery, Ind. Among them: Starting a Colt, Horseshoeing, Growing Tomatoes, Fitting Collars and Horse Dentistry.

Knepps Power Units demonstrated their 8-bale wagon at the 2022 Horse progress days.
HPD 2022 International Meeting
Mary Ann Sherman talks about the meeting held to welcome international visitors to the 2022 Horse Progress Days held in Montgomery, Ind. She highlights Herry and Naomi Kinmbou, of Tanzania, Africa. Herry works with ECHO, an organization that produces sustainable and adaptable practices that help families and their communities to feed themselves.
HPD 2022 Equipment
Photos and descriptions of the equipment featured at the 2022 Horse Progress Days in Montgomery, Ind., divided into these categories: Forecarts and power units, Mowers, Hay Tedders, Bale Movers, Plows, Tillage Equipment, Seed Drills, Produce, Spreaders and Sprayers.

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