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Table of Contents
Publisher's Post
Joe gives us some good ideas for holiday gift giving.
J.C. Allen Archives

Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including photos of pumping water, cutting green corn, baling alfalfa, threshing grain, belt-driven buck rake, Farmall tractor and four horse team, stacking clover and logs at a sawmill.

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kentucky horses
A stallion rounding up his harem that has strayed too far from the herd in Kentucky.
The Value of Chores

Upon losing a foal Jenifer Morrissey copes with her grief by reflecting on her daily life and chores and the beauty and importance of her purpose. Without the years of experience with loss on a farm t hat many generational farmers have, she explainss us how this can be ever comforting.

Goats on the Go!− − − click on title to read this story in full.

Read about an Ames, Iowa company that rents out its goat herds to eradicate invasive weeds and noxious plants.

goats on the go
Goats on the Go breeding buck shows the variety of coloring Boer goats display. While this male sports a white belt, its offspring might be tan, dark brown, white or striped.


wind power
Pioneeer Logging Cart

The R&D team at Pioneer Equipment tackled some frustrations with their logging cart. The end result - the new and improved cart - includes chain drawbar handles, spring loaded foot pedal and deflectors to prevent tipping.


Harness Wind Power

Another reprint from our series Farm Knowledge. This one from Volume 3, Farm Implements, Vehicles and Buildings published in 1919. This article goes into great detail on the uses, design and care of windmills with useful diagrams to help in understanding. This timeless information will help anyone considering this efficient and renewable source of power.



tillers international
Dick Roosenberg (center) explains the use of oxen for over-the-row cultivating with a Pioneer Homesteader to Tom Nehil, a member of Tillers Board of Directors.
A Few Minutes with... Dick Rooseberg

The Founder and retired Director of Tillers International sits down to talk with Rob Collins about his early experiences in the Peace Corps in West Aftica in the 1970's, the inspirations for creating Tillers and how it all came to be. (This is the first in a series with Mr Roosenberg).

Ice Harvest

Carol McLernon gives us a quick history of ice harvesting and then elaborates on its practice in the Lake Geneva area of southern Wisconsin in the late 1800's. The story is accompanied by the author's beautiful watercolor paintings.

A Boy and His Toys

Preparing for that extra time in retirement, Ralph Rice takes a couple blacksmithing classes at Tillers International and shares his experience.

mini donkeys at work
Sebastian's first session with the cart. I can't believe this rig held together! A couple years later the shafts separated from the cart while pulling a heavy load of manure. Sebastian calmly halted while I picked up the splinters and unhitched him.
Team Anarchy - The First Four Years

Charlie Tennessen recounts the beginning days training his first miniature donkey (Sebastian) to go, adding and training Rosie, his second mini donkey and finally Cassie, the third member of his team. Tennessen gives us much detail in the work he does with his donkeys, whether hitching one, two or three and the equipment he is using on his farm.

antique plows
A couple early plows at Croil Barn.
The Croil Barn

Upper Canada Village in Ontario opens its latest exhibit - a restored barn housing "the most important collections of original 19th century agricultural implements in Canada". A number of photographs give you an idea of the variety and extent of the collection.



Kentucky's Other Horses

Karen Kirsch writes about the Kentucky horses that graze on reclaimed coal mining land. Much effort is being made to maintain these animals, keep them healthy and safe during difficult ecomomic times in the area.


Harness & the Teamster's Art

Jenifer Morrissey and Doc Hammill collaberated on a series of harness articles for Rural Heritage a few years back. Here they talk about the compilation of those articles into a new book.

doc hammill plowing
Because Doc had no help or teachers as a boy, he has been highly motivated to dedicate much of his life to providing opportunities for others with an interest/passion/dream to get the help and resources they need.
Boonville Plow Day

The semi-annual event at Thresherman Parkin Indiana is filled with teams of draft horses plowing, raking, baling and much more. Here are lots of photographs of these fun activities.

raking hay with a draft horse team
"Hot Rod" Titzer raked hay prior to plowing.

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