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Above: Rural Heritage June – July 23 Cover: John Coley of Hillsboro, Ky., spreads manure with four mules.
Vol 48, No 3
June – July 23

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Table of Contents
Publishers Post
Joe spent some time talking to implement makers and dealers who bought inventory and plans from the former Pioneer Equipment Co., and discussed their plans and ideas for the future.
Rural Bookshelf
Editor Joe Mischka reviews three new books: Logging with Horses,another very informative book from the people at Starke Pferd, On the Shoulders of Giants, a compilation of interviews with oxen teamsters by Rural Heritage contributor Rob Collins and Walipini Design and Construction: A Do-It-Yourself Guide, by Rural Heritage contributor Danielle Londrigan.
J C Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including photos of vintage tractors cutting soybeans, baling clover hay, binding oats, hulling clover seed, threshing machine and discing and harrowing to cover oat seed.
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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loggin with mules
Kim Hadwen and his Kentucky Belgian Mules at the International Plowing Contest.
International Plowing Contest
Valerie Kirkwood reports on how the Ontario (Canada) Plowmans Club was able to hold its International Plowing Match and Rural Expo after two years delay. The story includes a summary of the events, plus pictures and competition results.
It Won't Work Here
Jenifer Morrissey takes a look at how perseverance and a positive mindset have very concrete impacts on the success of regenerative farming. Various farmers detail how they prevailed in the face of skeptism and how little changes have led to big rewards.
preading mulchfarming
Grace, with the help of the Londrigans, hauls compost to their new garden.
Starting Over - Part 6 − − − click on title to read this story in full.
After spending their first winter at their new homestead, the Londrigan family emerges from survival mode and starts planning for the future. This includes planting a garden, setting up a new pasture area, prioritizing construction projects and making sure their finances are in order.

horse team
Dick Courteau and his team of horses. Drawing by Maeve Courteau.
A Good Horse or a Great Horse?
Dick Courteau recounts the life of a homely horse named Moonburst, who, nevertheless, served the Courteau family well over the years.

Back to the Land
Ralph Rice outlines his assertion that the back-to-the-land and regenerative agriculture movements are gaining ground and attracting new participants.

A Tale of a Young Man
Philip Hederson shares the story of Gerardo Altamirano, who moved from Oaxaca, Mexico, to the United States and, through a series of apprenticeships, became a master oxen teamster.

oxen team
Gerardo Altamirano with Hoss and Howie.
Be a Ripple in Someone's Pond
Ralph Rice describes a recent visit to his farm by a group of school children and how other small farmers and draft animal farmers can sow the seeds for future generations to be involved in the land.

equine bits
Remains of the Christenot Mill at Union City, Montana.
Bozeman Trail Complete
Jenifer Morrissey's final installment recounting the historic 2001 re-enactment of the Bozeman Trail ride describes the final days of the ride and the introspections of the riders and teamsters who took the epic journey.

Trial of Fools
Part 2 of Jerry Hicks' tale of how he got even with a law firm that misled him about having to testify in a shoplifting case when he was a security guard at a big box store.

Keep 'em off Your Heels
Dick Courteau describes an easy trick for using a switch to keep equines from crowding your heels when you are leading them.

Threshing Days
Valerie Kirkwood describes how the Leeds County (Canada) Draft Horse Club, persevered through pandemic restrictions from 2020 to 2022 to hold their annual threshing daysin some shape or form!
draft horse power
Brian McIntosh binding grain with the McCormick-Deering binder, and Clydesdale team, Mint and Liam.

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