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Above: Rural Heritage February − March 2017 Cover: Ralph Rice of Jefferson, Ohio, comes home after skidding logs.

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Table of Contents
Teamsters Tips

A look back at tried and true advice from over 30 years of Rural Heritage featuring: sugaring with Haflingers, hot fitting a shoe, roundworms in horses, tying a trailered horse, work efficiency, driving three abreast, progressive signs of colic, teaching a foal to lead, welding safety and eye issues in horses.

J C Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including mowing alfalfa with Percherons, dragging a gravel road, and an early market garden.
Great book by Ralph Rice
Cultivating Memories
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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covered wagons
A wagon and silage chopper at 2106 Brabant Field Days in Medford, Wisc.
2016 Brabant Field Day


View some wonderful photos of draft horses working and at the Julian farm in Wisconsin during his annual field day.

Big Trees & Big Opportunities− − − click on title to read this story in full.

The natural death of Ralph Rice's mighty oak Wywona made quite a project for him and his sons. Read about how they tackeled the work of turning the dead tree into firewood.

larry cooper and his scythe
Ralph Rice and his sons two day after this tree fell.


multi row tool carrier
Percheron team plowing at Renner Farm Plow Day.
Renner Farm Plow Day

Belgians, Percherons, Haflingers, Percheron and Belgian mules and a few Norwegian Fjords pull a variety of sulky and gang plows, discs and harrows at this annual field day on the farm of Tom Renner. See some beautiful photos of the animals at work.





A Seed Story

Charlie Tenneson begins the story of his obsession with Turkey Red wheat, sparked by his other obsession, bread baking. His is a wonderful story of this heritage grain, seed saving, experimentation and determination. Part 1 of 2.

Turkey Red wheat test plot
Charlie Tennessen stacking shocks of wheat in his test plot.
Early Oswego

Oswego (in the Oregon Territory) in 1865 was an iron town, producing iron from the ore found in the surrounding mountains fueled by charcoal made from trees in those same mountains. Jenifer Morrissey paints a wonderful picture of this time in Oregon's history including much more than the iron business.

multi row tool carrier
G-Haw multi-row tool carrier.

Comparing the maturing of Fell Ponies with the maturing of ourselves, Jenifer Morrissey gives us insight on the happiness and contentment that come with "maturity" and experience in handling challenging times in our lives.

The Old Barn

An emormous old barn built in the 1920s on his ancestor's farm is lovingly restored by Brian Headley and his wife, with a little outside help. Wonderful photos of the restoration process are included.

G-Haw Tool Carrier

A innovative, multi-row tool carrier designed by Workhorse Workshops is made for the kind of bio-intenisve planting done on Walt Bernard's farm. Read about the many features and link to videos of the implement in action.

Recipes from the Cookstove: Cornbread

T.W. Scoggins teaches us how to cook a wonderful old-fashoined cornbread on his wood fired cookstove. The recipe can be modified for a conventional cooktop. YUM!!!

US Horse & Mule Plowing Contest

Teamsters, horses and mules came from seven states to compete in this 12th annual contest - held in Kentucky in 2016. The first perfect score in the event's history was awarded to Mike Atkins and his beautiful Belgian mules. LOTS of great pictures.

Belgian mules plowing
Mike's Team - USA Plowing Contest 3- Horse Sulky Class and High Point Overall winner. Photo by Conleys Horse Photos
New Tools & Modifications of Horse-Drawn Equipment

Stephen Leslie shares the work of a couple of farmers fabricating attachments to horse drawn equipment. Take a look at the equipment and read about these engineer/farmers who are improving on multi-use tools.

Woodland Roads

Ralph Rice gives advice on planning, building and maintaining the roads in our woodlands. Many elements need to be considered to build a system that works including wetlands, syrup gathering, stream crossings, hills, thinning, and much more.

culti-packer for winter squash
Woodland trail after being graded.

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