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Above: Rural Heritage June-July 2018 Cover: Grady George of Woodbury, Tenn., leads the 2017 Middle Tennessee Mule Skinners Spring 2017 Wagon Tain.
Vol 43, No 3
June - July 2018

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Table of Contents
Publisher's Post

Joe tells us about his time at the Waverly Horse Sale, vistis to Ralph Rice's farm, Columbia Mule Days, three shoots in Texas as well as his upcoming trip to Horse Progress Days.

J.C. Allen Archives

Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including photos of preparing for spring plowing, twelve team hitch plowing, and threshing in Indiana.

Lynn Miller's
Art of Working Horses
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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julian farm brabants and cows
Julian Farm Brabant Cross team in the field with their cows
A Year in a Farm's Life (Part 3) - Summer and Fall

Katrina Julian continues her beautifully written journal about a year on she and Jason’s dairy farm. Read about this fine tuned diversified farm business where all members play essential roles.  Katrina does a wonderful job of explaining the complexities of every element of the business, from the daily chores to the building of a new barn to the loss of their much loved Brabant, Billings. There is too much to list here.

Fly Protection− − − click on title to read this story in full.

Anne and Eric Nordell discuss both mechanical and chemical fly protection for their horses.  The benefits of fly nets, fly bonnets, neck sleeves, repellents well as a list of suppliers of nylon fly nets are included.

spotted draft horses pushing buck rake
Flynetting, neck sleeves and herbal insect repellant result in a relaxed, attentive team despite their insect
hypersensitivity. Note the duct tape wrapped around the buckles on the check lines to precent them from getting caught in the netting.


tillage tool
A genetically diverse harvest of flint corn is robust, healthy, and flavorful.
Fun with Flint Corn

Charlie Tennessen teaches us about nutritious flint corn. He has experimented with a number of varieties and shares his planting, cultivating, seed saving techniques as well as explaining nixamalization to ensure the nutritionals value of the corn for human consumption.  Suppliers of flint corn seed are also listed.



Tamale Recipe

Flint corn makes great tamales.  Charlie Tennessen teaches us his technique of soaking (nixamalization), grinding and prepares his flint corn.



Small Farm Grain Storage

Ralph Rice instructs us on how to build a couple of different corn cribs and a grain bin.  Advice on sizing your bins is also included.

diy horse sled
Ralph Rice picking corn by hand with the draft horses. Field is a bit weedy, but we still got a crop!
well pump
A double chicken yard arrangement in which the cool north yard is used in the summer and the warmer south yard in winter.
World Record Mule Plowing

A call to attend and participate in the Middle Tennessee Mule Skinners world record attempt at the most mules plowing.  The event will be held September 29th, 2018 in Woodbury, Tennessee.


Changing Times

Brandt Ainsworth’s essay about the respect that one earns for a lifetime’s work and how we need to keep that in mind and show our appreciation…even at the grocery store!


Care of the Farm Flock

Another in our series reprinted from Farm Knowledge, Volume 12, Farm Animals, Their Care and Diseases, prepared by Sears and Roebuck.
Everything you want to know about raising chickens; choosing a breed, general care, housing, breeding, hatching, and artificial brooding.


You Were Where?

Karen Kirsch attended the Donkey Welfare Symposium in November 2017.  There were seminars on donkey history, ecological impact, physiology, behavior and versatility.  Ms Kirsch also reports on some disturbing global activities harming donkeys.

mule team plowing
Bethany and her gaited Spotted Saddle Horse Diamond Reo on the Arizona Trail in 2006.
Bethany Caskey (Part 2) - A Road Less Traveled

This second article about the many roads Ms. Caskey’s has taken in her life.  From her work in the Vintage Show Company to starting an internet company, learning to fly, painting, magazine editing, book and magazine illustrating, sculpture, not to mention the many horses and breeds that she has loved along the way.

The Horse Traders painting
Black River Ferry east of Corning, Arkansas
Crossing the Country in 1910

Jenifer Morrissey shares another journey her great-great grandparents took in 1910 from Florida to Oregon.  His diaries give us a good sense of the times as they toured Cumberland Island, Georgia, observed barrel staves in Arkansas, Success, Arkansas, known for their freshwater pearl boom, traveled the Ohio River to Chicago, road the rails to threshing season in Montana.  Ms Morrissey gives great historical background to each of the stops on the journey.

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