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Above: Rural Heritage October-November 2018 Cover: Jacob and Justin Davis load green hay at their Kennan, Wis. farm.

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Table of Contents
Publisher's Post

Joe gives a run down on all the books, calendars, videos and more we sell that you can enjoy yourself and give as gifts during the upcoming holidays.

Lynn Miller's
Art of Working Horses
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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hauling feed with draft horses
White Horse Machine's #712 sulky plow demonstration at Horse Progress Days.
Sustaining Progress

Ralph Rice gives brief history of how this event started – to give voice to the few manufacturers of horse drawn equipment once the big guys stopped making it.  And how it has progressed to become a place for draft horse farmers, equipment manufacturers and designers and farm families to gather, discuss, demonstrate and learn.

Our annual coverage of the event held in June in Clare, Michigan. We feature many great photos, descriptions and prices of equipment displayed and demonstrated.
HPD Field Demonstrations – Haymaking

Hay crimper, hay rake, hay tedders, hay loader, round bale roller and more.

raking up hay
Pequea Machine's new 46X tedder pulled behide a forecart at Horse Progress Days


HPD Field Demonstrations - Produce Equipment
Jourdant tool carrier and attachments, garden cultivators, harrows, cultimulchers, cultivators, mulch layers, transplanters, sprayers forecarts and more.
HPD Field Demonstrations - Field & Tillage Equipment
Various sizes of manure spreaders, power carts, plows, cultimulcher, rollers, weeders, fertilizer spreaders, corn planters, seeders, mowers and more.
acorn flour
Pioneer Homesteader disc attachment
A View From Holmes County

Mary Ann Sherman’s annual synopsis of the event including the Pony Express Parade, Thursday bus tour of neighboring farms, farrier demonstrations, produce equipment, auctions, old friends and new.


International Meeting

Visitors from Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, France, Germany, Mozambique, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland were present at HPD this year.  Some came to show and sell their equipment, most to learn more about farming with draft animals.




Terry Klein who runs a commercial honey operation, presented a workshop on beekeeping.  He gives advice on purchasing your first setup including equipment, bees, queen and what other equipment one needs.  He advises on location, overwintering, pest mitigation and more tidbits.

Round Pen Training

11-year horse trainer Andrew Weiler gave a demonstration on horse training.  He worked with a 2-year-old horse showing how to gently teach with touch and pressure, all the while rewarding with touch.


Turning a 500 head herd into DairyDoo, a major composting company, was the subject of this seminar.  Brian Morgan explained how he manages the composting business explaining everything from testing, blending, and turning to transportation logistics.

Equine Chiropractic Care

Dr. Kallie Ashcraft DVM demonstrated equine spinal manipulation to correct alignment.  She emphasized keeping the horse calm and explained the various locations that are commonly the cause of pain for the horse.

equine chiropractic manipulation
Kallie Ashcraft DVM demonstrating equine chiropractic adjustment.
Grass Finished Beef
After Nathan Hochstetler of Mio, Michigan realized his steers gained just as much weight being finished on grass as on grain, he changed his feeding regimen.  Nathan explained his process including the changing diet as the year progresses.  He also gave some advice on finding a market for your grass finished beef.
Maple Syrup Business

Veteran maple syrup producer Abe Schumucker showed the prices he gets for the various syrup products he sells, such a maple syrup, maple cream, maple cream and maple candy.  He explained the differences in syrup bags vs. tubing, ratios of sap to syrup, sugar content and more.

Touring the Tomato Greenhouse− − − click on title to read this story in full.
Leon Herschberger and Jay Stutzman gave a tour of the tomato high tunnel on the grounds.  They gave advice on growing greenhouse tomatoes from transplant size to soil fertility.
Responsible Horse Use
Norman Hochstetler presented a variety of advice on horse training, care, safety, and collar fitting.
Lamb Production
Leon Kuhns, who has been raising sheep for 20 years, explained the increase in market for lamb.  He gave advice on breeds, breeding, shots, feed, fencing, worming, and more.
Trailer Loading Horses
Horse trainer and farrier Wilmer Schlabach and his son Mark demonstrated training a 2-year-old mare.  He gave many tips and in the end was able to get the horse to go into the trailer.
american suffolk punch fillies
The hay stack at the annual American Brabant Field Day.
American Brabant Hay Day
100 people, 42 draft animals and 25 pieces of horse drawn equipment converged outside of Victor, Idaho for this annual event. Percherons, Belgians, Norwegian Fjords, American Brabants as well as a mule team worked to cut and rake hay.  Finally, the hay was stacked using antique horse powered equipment.   Horse logging, corn grinding and rope making were also demonstrated.
A Few Minutes with Ray Ludwig
Rob Collins speaks with Ray Ludwig – an oxen teamster for the past 55-60 years.  They discussed how he got started as a teamster, his first team, training oxen, crafting yokes, teaching teamsters, his 4-H Working Steer club, logging with oxen, raking hay and much more.  Ray is a wealth of information!

Train to Deadwood
Joe spends four days on this ride from Cheyenne to Deadwood for Rural Heritage on RFD-TV.  Here are some photos and short explanation of the logistics. Watch for the upcoming shows in December.
draft horses
Bob Ericson with his team of big donkey jennies, Olga nad Bernice traveling the Deadwood Wagon Train.

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