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Above: Rural Heritage August − September 2017 Cover: A young participant practices driving a Percheron named Cory under teamster Irvin Dupuis's watchful eye. Photo by Valerie Kirkwood.

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Table of Contents
Teamsters Tips

A look back at tried and true advice from over 30 years of Rural Heritage featuring: Invisible horse routine (magic), teaching a colt to whoa, trailer safety, draft of a wheeled implement, horse shoes, recognition of pregnancy, working a young hourse and mastitis in mares.

J C Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including photos of a draft horse team with a buck rake and a belt powered hay press and harvesting mint.
Publisher's Post - All About Mules

Joe tells us about his visit to Bishop, California and a mule powered farm in Kentucky.

Rural Bookshelf - Two New Books

Two new books, The Age of the Horse: An Equine Journey Through Human History and Barney the Lopsided Mule are both reviewed.

Lynn Miller's
Art of Working Horses
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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civil war day
Billings and Hannah stand quietly and alert beside the cannon.
Civil War Day

Jason and Katrina Julian, along with their horses Billings and Hannah play a part in their local Jr. High school Civil War Day.  Jason describes the day and the activities with the horses.

Starting with Cover Crops − − − click on title to read this story in full.

Hazel Freeman explains the concept of cover crops, its benefits, what to plant, when to plant, no-till and finally, terminating the crop.  She includes a quick list of benefits.

mowing cover crop
Cover crops add much needed organic matter to the soil when lightly tilled in as a green manure.


mule team
Polly and Dolly.
Who Needs Rescuing

Dave Feltenberger explains the term
“Kill Pen” referring to an Internet practice of offering equine for sale at inflated prices marketing them as about to go to slaughter unless purchased.  Dave presents five situations in which he has purchased such animals and the various outcomes.


Ground Drive PTO Cart

Ken Gies decides to build his own ground drive PTO cart.  This DIY article covers all the important steps from deciding on its use and speed, choosing a differential, brakes and making a cart.  Ken walks though all the math needed to make sure everything works together.


draft horse driving clinic
The youngest participant in the Leeds County Draft Horse Club driving clinic drives Bob Fisher's Canadian mare, Utah Star. The girl's grandmother, also a participant in the clinic, goes along for the ride.
Harnessing and Driving Day

The Leeds Count Draft Horse Club in Eastern Ontario added a driving clinic to their 30th anniversary celebration.   Valerie Kirkwood, coordinator, explains all the ins and outs of setting up such an event and shares many photos of the fun that was had by all.

home made sausage
Twisting the wieners to length together.
Homegrown Meat

Join Katrina Julian as she shares her family’s practice of processing their home grown meat.  With the purchase of a new smoker and sausage stuffer this year, they have saved on the cost of processing at the local butcher!


Yes, Cows Have Horns

Philip Henderson clears up the common cow/bull/horn confusion.  He also gives us much more information on the horns of cattle, both physiological and practical.


Homestead Iron

Learn about Will Dobkins and his business hand making long and short handled garden tools based on older, vintage tools.


grazing plants
This chunk of land was moss cover not two years ago. No seed applied. Just grazing management and feeding hay on winter, letting the cattle do the work.
Pasture Management

Making your livestock work for you is the emphasis in this article on pasture management.  Liz Hughey shares her story of her farm’s transformation to Management Intensive Grazing and the amazing results after only a couple of years.

homestead iron garden tools
Homestead Iron garden tools.
The Woods Went Silent

Earlier than planned knee replacement causes Ralph Rice to make plans for the future of his farm, both near term and long term. 







Friendship Wagon Train

Great photos from this annual Minnesota wagon train that has raised over $1 million dollars in the 30 year run.  Money is given to Camp Winnebago, a summer camp for persons with special needs.

friendship wagon train
Belgians, Percherons, mules and an Appaloosa saddle horse form a tight formation on the Friendship Wagon Train.

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