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Above: Rural Heritage December 2016 − January 2017 Cover: Mike Johnson of Plankinton, S.D., drives his four-up of Belgian mules in the inaugural Albert City Wagon Train.

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Table of Contents
Teamsters Tips

A look back at tried and true advice from over 30 years of Rural Heritage featuring: winning a bet, watering horses in winter, foal hoof care, collecting horse brasses, castrating colts and measuring horsepower.

J C Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including early telephone and electricity in the barn, boy delivring drinks to man shocking grain, old time hardware storeearly schoolbus, chicken house, ice skating, and mules preparing a seedbed.
Great book by Ralph Rice
Cultivating Memories
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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covered wagons
Cedar Mountain market garden and propagation house. Photo by Stephen Lesiie.
Eight Trips to Hell and Back


Jay and Ann Fisher and their two Percherons take on a big job in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Read about their two days removing a hurricane damaged bridge on Hell Brook. It is quite the tale.

Five Minutes with... Larry Cooper − − − click on title to read this story in full.

Among many things, Larry Cooper is an expert on scythes. Here he tells us all about their history and the reasons to use them, along with who is making them and using them today.

larry cooper and his scythe
Larry Cooper in the field with his scythe.
Trellising Tomatoes

After years of work, TW Scoggin finally designs the perfect trellis for tomatoes using metal T-posts and hog panels. Check out his thorough instruction for this DIY project.

horse powered ferry
A treadmill-type horse ferry in Ohio, circa 1900. Collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.
Equine-Powered Watercraft

Jenifer Morrissey gives us a history of watercraft powered by horses. She includes some wonderful vintage photographs as well as photos of models.

hay rake
A handcrafted hand rake sits atop the hay it collected in the ox cart on Rob Collins' farm.
Horse Club Celebrates Our Heritage

The Dekalb County Draft Horse Club started in the early 1930's and has gone through many phases. Their focus is now on promoting and educating people about the draft horse. Read about all the events they take part in along with a museum run by its members.

shelling corn
Terry turns the wheel to run the sheller, separating the
kernels from the cobs.
Tunneling Tips

At Cedar Mountain Farm in Vermont, Stephel Leslie tells us how he uses his propagation house and high tunnels in his CSA market garden business. Each has its own specific utility.

Definitive Words

Biological woodsman Jason Rutledge explains how a careful choice of words defines his work of restorative forestry. He constrasts his philosophy with that of traditional loggers.

Around the Midwest in 1899

Diaries of her great-great grandparents' trip to the midwest in 1899 inspires Jenifer Morrissey to do some reserarch on horse drawn vehicles in that day and age. She tells us about the rise of the trade in the industrialized midwest as well as other interesting activities her relatives experienced during their trip.


Barring Off Corn: Part 3 - The Harvest

Scoggins takes us to the last step in his corn growing process. He tells us how he chooses the seed for next year, harvests and take the corn to the mill to be ground into corn meal and grits.

DIY Hay Rake

A complete step-by-step instruction on making your own hay rake. Once you make one, you may get hooked!

wild mustangs
Mustangs at the Wild Horse Sanctuary in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Photo by Hazel Freeman.
A Man and His Mustangs

Read about Dayton O. Hyde, veteran, natrualist, rodeo photographer, cowboy, rancher, author, conservationist - and his lifelong passion. He created the Wild Horse Sanctuary in the Black Hills of South Dakota became his passoin at 62 and, at 91, he is still involved. This is a man to ispire us all!

Pastured Paradise − − − click on title to read this story in full.
2016 DAPNet Gathering

This group's annual gathering included logging, collecting hay and plowing parcels on a 1828 farm in Vermont. Presentations on "Retraining the Unused Horse" and "Wrecks and Runaways" also educated the attendees. As you can see from the photo below, it was a beautiful day!

culti-packer for winter squash
Jay Fisher drives his Percherons to provide the power for the hayloading demonstration. Photo by Beth Hallissey.

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