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Above: Rural Heritage August/September 2020 Cover: A young Amish man rakes hay with his team of Belgians in the Lagrange County area of Indiana.

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Table of Contents
Publishers Post
Joe talks about his recent travels to bring us news that that we would have gotten at Horse Progress Days. He visited numerous businesses and will bring those stories in the Oct/Nov issue. Here he tell us of the diversification of many of these businesses and we take a look at a few products that DO NOT have anything to do with draft horses or farming.
J.C. Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renowned photographer JC Allen including photos loading loose hay, dairy cow presentation, Percheron mules hitched four abreast.
Gabe Brown's Dirt to Soil
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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walipini harvest
Sean Londrigan from Red Gate Farm, LLC, instructing a group of kindergarten students during a guided farm-tour field trip. This is one way they diversify their farm income. Photo courtesty Londrigans.
Income Diversification Part 2 - Service Opportunities for Success
The Londrigans continue their discussion about diversifying your farm income stream. They write about adding educational events and services that share your knowledge, travel and vacation services, equine and draft power services, and more.
sowing seeds with great grandmother
Eric Nordell cultivating the moat to undercut quackgrass and other weeds before planting rye cover crop which protects the fields.
Moats and Swales
Anne and Eric Nordell explain how they prevent erosion along the perimeter of their fields using various methods and cover crops.

Lockdowns & Fairs in 1920
Jenifer Morissey's great-grand parents lived in southern California and Oregon during their later years. Here Jenifer gives us a look at the 1920's including many fairs and parades. As always, Dan's diary detalis and Jenifer's writing give us a wonderful look into the past - sometimes looking an aweful lot like the present.

Getting Started Logging
A regular contributor, Taylor Johnson explains how he got started logging and tips on how to be successful at this job. He encourages starting out slowly and talking to other loggers who can share their experiences.


DIY Draft HorseTie Stall− − − click on title to read this story in full.
Realizing he needed smaller stalls for his Suffolk draft horses, Ralph Rice shows how to build tie stalls in your barn to custom fit your particular breed of horse.
Thomas Philbrick works an oxen team owned by Tillers International in Scots, Mich.
Milkweed and Monarchs
Another wonderful story from Jerry Hicks. He tells of his dilemma upon encountering milkweed near his tobacco field. He sure knows how to paint a picture with his words.
heritage wheat
A lidded cast-iron Dutch oven or clay baker works well to hold the steam in when making sourdough.
Sourdough for Beginners
Hazel Freeman takes us step-by-step through the newly popular process of making sourdough bread from scratch. This is a very thorough DIY article.

Sourdough Pancakes
Using the discard starter from your sourdough breadmaking, you can make these delicious pancakes for your family.

Profitability at Orchard Hill Farm

The Laings share the many different ways they have used to develop their successful CSA farm over the years. These include: finding the right type of farming, complimentary skills sets, maximize horse use, utilize apprentices, willing to experiment, supllemental income and cultivating networks.

A Few Minutes with...Thomas Philbrick - Oxen Teamster
Thomas started with oxen in 4-H at nine years old. Rob Collins interviews him about his life with oxen, training, competing and working on the farm with them year round. Thomas explains how his work with oxen is such an important part of who he is.
40th Annual North Dakota Draft Horse Association Field Day
Over 20 teams of draft horses turned out for this annual event. Teamsters and teams pulled wagons, plows, disc harrows, corn planters, grain drills and more.
doc hammill workshop
Darrel O'Shea drives his team of blue roans put to a corn planter at the NDDHA Field day.
One Horse Haymaking
Leroy Keim, a 71 year old farmer, tells us how he cut, raked, hauled and transfered five acres of hay using one draft horse, a McCormick No. 9 mower, hand hay rakes and a horse drawn wagon.
six horse hitch suffolks
Leroy Keim's wagon of loose hay is positioned so its load can be pitched into the second story mow.

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