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Above: Rural Heritage April−May 2018 Cover: Jason Julian drives four abreast of American Brabant horses put to a cultipacker while Katrina drives a roller.
Vol 43, No 2
April − May 2018

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Table of Contents
J.C. Allen Archives

Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including photos of greasing a wagon axle using an axle jack, milk separator, mule team hauling cotton, and milking.

Lynn Miller's
Art of Working Horses
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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brabant team plowing
Jason Julian plows with Pepper, Hannah and Billings. Michael Julian and Shiner inspect their work.
A Year in a Farm's Life (Part 2) - Spring and Summer

Katrina Julian continues her beautifully written journal about a year on she and Jason’s dairy farm. Read about this fine tuned diversified farm business where all members play essential roles.  Katrina does a wonderful job of explaining the complexities of every element of the business, from butchering, soil fertility, child rearing, poultry, planting, and much more.  The summer ends with a spectacular effort to help an Amish neighbor with their milking cows after a barn fire.

Brabant Field Day− − − click on title to read this story in full.

The location for this annual event was the Teton Valley of Idaho in 2017.  Many work horse teams and teamsters cut and stacked 5-7 tons of hay.  The expertise of Daryl Woolstenhulme in haymaking as well as Marvin Brisk’s unique antique equipment  added much to the weekend.  Lots of wonderful pictures of the weekend’s activities are included.

spotted draft horses pushing buck rake
A.J. Woolstenhulme works the buck rake with a team of Spotted Draft Horses.


tillage tool
Organic Surface Tillage

Anne and Eric Nordell explain the benefits and details of surface tillage for improved soil fertility.  They explain their quest for the best process and implements for each of the various cover crops.  An excerpt from Fertility Farming by Newman Turner is included.

Where are we going?

Dris Abraham, Belgian breeder, discusses his first Belgian mare purchase.  He emphasizes the importance of listening, one-on-one, to those with the skills and knowledge to pass along what is necessary to keep this industry alive and successful.




Artificial and Natural Intelligence

Jenifer Morrissey updates us on the latest in Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy (EAAT).  Academic research and field practice is increasing and a new program and facility at Colorado State University (the Temple Gradin Equine Center) will break ground in 2018.  See

diy horse sled
Ralph Rice and his team pull his home built simple sled.
The Simple Sled: the most undervalued piece of farm equipment

Ralph Rice shows his favorite piece of equipment and the many uses it has on his farm.  His sled is 4ft x 8 ft with removable sides.  He says it is great both summer and winter.

well pump
A deep well pump uses a cylinder to push the water up from the bottom of the well. Illustration by Bethany Caskey.
Water Security

Galen Lehman of Lehman's Hardware provides an explanation of various methods of lifting well water without power as well as different types of water filtration systems that remove bacterial and chemical contaminants.  Great illustrations and photos help in our understanding.


Pigs: The Original Mortgage Lifter

Ralph Rice explains why this moniker is true of this clean intelligent animal. He also explains how to raise a pig or two for your own use or to sell including housing and feed recommendations.


A Wheeled Plow for Minis

Charlie Tennessen provides some history on walking plows. He then takes us through his step by step process to build a walking plow for him miniature donkeys. He includes many pictures of the plow as well as his team pulling.


2017 USA Plowing Contest

Many photos and a synopsis of this annual event held in Olympia, Kentucky last year.  We also included the list of the winners.


mule team plowing
Mike Atkins was named high point winner with his Belgian team.
Bethany Caskey - An Inspired Life (Part 1)

Jenifer Morrissey interviews Caskey as she discusses her life, many talents and skills and the childhood and grandfather that had such a wonderful influence on her. Bethany is our Rural Heritage artist…and so much more!

The Horse Traders painting
This 1991 acrylic painting by Bethany Caskey is entitled The Horse Traders.
A Few Minutes with Kevin Cunningham and Tom Jenkins

Rob Collins interviews two teamsters from opposite sides of the country. One is a lifelong teamster from New Hampshire and the other a shorter term self taught teamster from Northern California.  They have a great conversations about their experiences with training and working oxen.

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