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Above: Rural Heritage A[pril − May 2017 Cover: John Davis plows with three of his grade Belgian cross draft horses during a field day in Wis.
Vol 42, No 2
April − May 2017

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Table of Contents
Teamsters Tips

A look back at tried and true advice from over 30 years of Rural Heritage featuring: horse farming vs. tractor farming, variability of draft, draft foal growth, controlling external parasites, horse trailer size, mare fertility periods, halter breaking a foal, internal parasites in animals, and contracted tendons in a foal.

J C Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including chicks in incubator, cutting and binding wheat, and a Percheron mare team at work.
Publisher's Post - Catching Up
Joe has been on the move filming new shows for our Rural Heritage show on RFD.  Read about his travels to film horse logging, blacksmithing, a mule competition, and more.
Rural Bookshelf - The Art of Working Horses
Joe reviews Lynn Miller’s newest book on working horses.  He includes two excerpts that will leave you wanting more.  A wonderful book that I don’t think a one of you will be able to keep yourself from reading! 
Lynn Miller's
Art of Working Horses
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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percherons pulling wagon
Ron Bartz and his team of Percherons hauling visitors to the Western Minn Steam Thresher's Reunion.
Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion

This annual show features primarily steam engines: steam engine tractors,
industrial steam engines, and small hit-and-miss steam engines.  See some wonderful phtos of the draft horses at work too.

Get Ready for Spring− − − click on title to read this story in full.

Tips for Getting Idle Draft Horses Back into Action
Stephen Leslie hands down some valuable tips on horse health care, spring training your draft horse, inspecting harness, and maintaining your equipment. 

larry cooper and his scythe
Hoss & Howie - the new oxen team at Centennial Farm.


donkey collar
Hame and padding on DIY three-pad collar.
Three Pad Collars (for Donkeys, Mules, and Horses)

This is a DIY article on how to make your own three-pad collar (originating from a design used in Switzerland during WWII). Instructions to make the wooden hames,  pads, hardware, and finally, the harness.  All custom fit to your animal and made at home.




A Seed Story (Turkey Red Wheat) - Part Two

Charlie Tenneson continues his quest for the perfect Turkey Red Wheat.  In this article he recounts his test plots using historic seeds and modern strains, gives some history on the historic seeds, and shares his taste testing (unfortunately, without the taste) with us.  He also shares his plan – to produce for market, flour from this wonderful heritage grain.

ih-76 combine
Turkey Red Wheat ready for threshing with an IH-76 combine.
Changing Lives - Preventing Harness Injuries

Learn about Master Harness Maker, Terry Davis from the UK.  Although a well known craftsman, he prides himself on his work teaching about humane harnessing systems for donkeys in developing countries. He explains the challenges and successes along with information about his report on how to make changes for the betterment of the animals and owners.

multi row tool carrier
Early 1900's southern Oregon orchard with field crops.
An Orchard of His Own

Jenifer Morrissey’s great-great-grandfather’s diary entries are used for a wonderful account of his orchard purchase, agricultural adventures and daily life in early 1900’s Oregon.  Some wonderful pictures and diary entries are included in this historical snapshot.


Veterinarian Roxanne Rygiewicz explains the science and application of a device to promote healing (and more) for you and your animals.  Exciting prospects for our animals’ health following injury, surgery or illness by increasing blood flow and therefore, increasing the oxygen to healing tissues.



Hoss & Howie - A New Ox Team at Centennial Farm

Philip Henderson gives us a little history of the American Milking Devon in the United States as well as the history of oxen at Centennial Farm in California.  Then we meet three-year-olds Hoss and Howie and learn about their breeders in Colorado.  They are sure to be the subject of more stories to come.

Mulching Alliums

The Nordell’s explain how mulching with cover crops of rye and oats improves their allium crops.  Some excellent pictures of the process in their fields accompany this story.

mulching alliums
A weed free cover crop mulch on a rows of leeks.
Mechanical Means of Preventing a Wreck

Safety is of utmost importance, especially when driving amidst the public.  Dave Feltenberger lays out a plan on how to make sure your harness, hames, lines, tongues, yokes, chains and all of your harness hardware are secured.  Some great advice here!

A Load of Logs – Horselogging in Wisconsin

See some stunning photographs from a logging adventure with Gerald Schmidt and his Belgians.  The story is also an episode on our show to be aired on Rural Heritage on RFD-TV May 9 and 13. The DVD is avaliable for purchase.

horse logging
Gerald Schmidt uses a peavey to roll the log into place readying it for the horse team to roll it on top.

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