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American Brabant Association

Susan Zenker - Secretary
PO Box 181
Isanti, MN 55040
phone: 763-501-6453
email: AmericanBrabant@gmail.com
web: www.theamericanbrabantassociation.net

Promoting Brabant (European) Belgians

American Cream Draft
Horse Association

Kerrie Beckett, Secretary
226 Schellinger Rd,
Poland Spring, ME 04274
phone: 207-504-0347
email: kerrie.beckett@yahoo.com
web: www.ACDHA.org

America's only native draft horse.

American Draft Pony Association & Registry

Susan Algire
9621 Overly Rd,
Fredericktown, Oh 43019
phone: 740–694–7913
fax: 740–694–1805
email: americandraftpony@yahoo.com
web: www.americandraftpony.org

The organization was established to keep
records of the crosses used to produce
the ideal Draft Pony. It is our wish
to eventually establish the Draft Pony as a breed on its own.

American Shire
Horse Association

Secretary, Myrna Rhinehart
PO Box 339,
Fredericksburg, OH 43019
phone: 888-302-6643
email: secretary@shirehorse.org
web: www.shirehorse.org
FB: @americanshirehorse 

Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America

Michelle Kaeffaber
PO Box 335,
Wabash, Indiana 46992
phone: 260-563-3205
email: belgian@belgiancorp.com
web: www.belgiancorp.com

Clydesdale Breeders
of the USA

17346 Kelley Rd,
Pecatonica, IL 61062
phone: 815–247–8780
fax: 815–247–8337
email: secretary@clydesusa.com
web: www.clydesusa.com

The Clydesdale Breeders of the United
States of American is a very active
Association, dedicated to the
Clydesdale horse.

Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc.

Jane Myers, Secretary
phone: 573-819-3875
email: ashroyaltymorgans@live.com
web: www.thelippittmorganhorseregistry.org

A non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the original
Lippitt Morgan Horse.

North American Spotted Draft Horse Association

Melanie Berg
17594 US Hwy 20,
Goshen, IN 46528
phone: 574-821-4226
email: naspotteddrafts@yahoo.com
web: www.sites.google.com/site/

Our goals are to distribute information about Spotted Drafts and bring interested people and breeders together. We also strive to improve the quality of these horses and record, collect and preserve the pedigree of the breed.

North American Suffolk Horse Association

Zelda Gagliardi, Secretary
4170 NE 43rd Ave,
High Springs, FL 32643
phone: 386-266-3773
email: americansuffolkhorse@gmail.com
web: www.suffolkpunch.com

Devoted to the recording and promoting
of the Suffolk Punch horse in America.

Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry

Nancy Newport, Executive Director
1801 W. County Rd 4,
Berthoud, CO 80513
phone: 303-684-6466
email: nancy@nfhr.com
web: www.nfhr.com

The Percheron Horse Association of America

Elaine Beardsley
PO Box 141,
Fredericktown, OH 43019
phone: 740–694–3602
fax: 740–694–3604
email: percheron@percheronhorse.org
web: www.percheronhorse.org

The Percheron Horse Association of America
is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to
the preservation and promotion of the
purebred Percheron Horse.

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