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Boynton’s Yokes ’N Bows

Robert J Boynton Jr
220 Mansion Rd,
Dunbarton, NH 03046
phone: 603–774–4412
email: boyntonyokesnbows@gsinet.net
web: www.boyntonsyokesnbows.com

Yokes, bows, sticks, halters, straps,
and other accessories.

Clark Bending

Abe Yoder
1895 Township Road 152,
Baltic, OH 43804
phone: 330-897-0130 ext 2 (voice mail)

Custom–made ox yokes & bows,
plow handles, also wood bending

New England Ox Supply LLC

Alyson & Jake Bronnenburg
250 Pittsfield Rd,
Louden, NH 00337
phone: 603–387–3331
phone: 603–568–7388
email: neoxsuppply@gmail.com
web: www.neoxsupply.com

Custom built ox yokes, carts, sleds, scoots, stone boats, logging arches and other draft animal equipment. Supply equipment to farmers, loggers, teaching institutions, living history sites, competitive ox pullers, ox show competitors, and more.

Tillers International

10515 E OP Ave,
Scotts, MI 49088
phone: 269–626–0223
toll–free: 800–498–2700
email: tillers@tillersinternational.org
web: www.tillersinternational.org

Full–scale yoke plans, sizes and
prices listed on website

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