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Athens Treadmills

600 Eagle Way,
Spencer, TN 38585
phone: 931-746-1650

Horse treadmills for use by trainiers, farmers, universities, back to the land. Also works with oxen.

Cropline Equipment, LLC

Jacob Glick, Jr.
1077 West Main St,
New Holland, PA 17557
phone: 223-271-2151

New innovation in cultivators.

E–Z Spreader Mfg

Junior M Erb
1951 County Road 70,
Sugarcreek, OH 44681
Phone: 330–852–2666
fax: 330-852-1997

Annual country fair includes two horse
pulls, demonstrations, and a farm show.

Family Farm Innovations

Jonas Schlabach
4549 Township Road 156,
Millersburg, OH 44654
Phone: 330-893-0591
fax: 717-442-9216
web: www.stoltzfuswelding.com

Custom design and welding, forecarts, power carts, 24-foot mower.

Farmer Brown's Plow Shop

Leroy Brown
918 State Route 92N,
Tunkhammock, PA 18657
Phone: 330-893-0591
fax: 571-836-8004
email: leroyplows@yahoo.com
web: www.farmerbrownsplowshop.net

Plow and cultivator handles, Farmer Brown logging arch, videos: Horse Drawn Plowing and Logging

I&J Manufacturing

Jacob K Blank
5302 Amish Rd,
Gap, PA 17527
phone: 717-442–9451
Fax: 717-442-8305
email: sales@ijmanufacturing.com
web: www.farmingwithhorses.com

Crop management implements including
cultivators, forecarts, walk behind plows,
rotary rakes, sickle bar mowers.

J & L Haysaver and Stewart Light Mats

Josh Grunzke
24277 590th Ave,
Wells, MN 56097
phone: 507-461-1828

Hay feeders save 30% of feed using the Haysaver. Interlocking mats absorb shock, not liquid.

Lower Valley Welding

Jacob Fisher
83A Lower VAlley Rd,
Christiana, PA 17509
phone: 610 - 593 - 4316

Horse drawn equipment, cultimulchers, harrows, work sleds.

ME Miller Tire

Ed Miller
17386 State Highway 2,
Wauseon, OH 43567
phone: 419–335–7010
email: millertire@bright.net
web: www.millertire.com

Hay mower and hay rake tires, and other
hard–to–find tires

Mullet’s Machinery & Parts

LeRoy Mullet
6870 S State Route 5,
Topeka, IN 46571
phone: 260–593–2960

Reconditioning spreaders and mowers,
parts; manufacturer of mini, pony,
Haflinger, and draft forecarts, and
wagon gears.

Stoltzfus Welding

Stephen Stoltzfus
7315 50th Ave,
Sears, MI 49679
Phone: 231-362-1337

Efficient, quality PTO forecarts.

Stoltzfus Welding &
Rentals LLC

Elmer Stoltzfus
5195 Martin Dr,
Gap, PA 17527
Phone: 717–442–9148
fax: 717-442-9216
web: www.stoltzfuswelding.com

Steel and aluminum fabrication, horse arenas, warehouses, pre-engineered structural buildings.

Trail Farm Supply

Omar S Fisher
5013 Township Rd 359,
Millerburg, OH 44654
Phone: 330-893-3086
fax: 330-893-4001

Manufacturer of custom horse, dog and dairy barn equipment.

Weaver Wagons

Emery Weaver
5090 Mount Eaton Rd S,
Dalton, OH 44618
Phone: 330-857-9643

Wagons and Custom Designs. Hitch, practice, farm, parade, trail. Repair, restoration, parts and accessories including stainless. Durable automotive finishes.

White Horse Machine

5566 Old Philadelphia Pike,
Gap, PA 17527-9769
phone: 717-768-8313

Plows, forecarts, welding, hardware,
machine work. Call for Brochure.

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