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Mischka Press

Joe Mischka
PO Box 2067,
Cedar Rapids IA 52406
phone: 319 362-3027
fax: 319-362-3046
email: productsales@mischka.com

Books about farming and logging with
draft horses, mules, oxen and donkeys.
Call or write for catalog. Publisher of Rural Heritage Magazine.

Semo Mule Books

Lonnie Thiele
PO Box 884,
Poplar Bluff, MO 63902
phone: 573-300-3085

"That Son of a Gun had Sense" and "My Life with Harry - the Mule". Mule stories from the 1930-1940s .

Tillers International

Ryan Deramus
10515 OP Ave E,
Scotts, MI 49088
phone: 269-626-0223
toll-free: 800-498-2700
email: deramus@tillersinternational.org
web: www.tillersinternational.org

See website for a list of publications.

Wild Horse Books & Art

Kayo Fraser
255 Boulder Rd,
Deer Lodge, MT 59722
phone: 406-846-3686
email: productsales@mischka.com

Books and plans for building horse drawn
vehicles; books and videos on driving and
training horses; harness-making; model kits and more.

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