Boonville Plow Day (Percheron Association of American)

The annual Percheron Horse Association farm event was held July 23, 2022, at Old Thresherman Park in Boonville, Ind., in conjunction with their Plow Days Show.

Teamsters demonstrated plowing, mowing, hay raking, and baling for the spectators. Participants included Damien Wright of Cannyville, Ky., David Knepp of Loogootee, Ind., Andrew Ice of Hazelton, Ind., Silas Quick of Midway, Ind., Tim Riech of Hillsborough, Ohio, Don Fredrick of Willow Hills, Ill., Benny Thomas of Winslow, Ind., Lorniann Quin of Salem, Ind., Jeff Davis of Petersburg, Ind. Roger “Hotrod” Titzer of Chandler, Ind., Ethan Ice of Hazelton, Ind., Brandon Knepp and Ethan Knepp of Loogootee, Ind., and Mike Ice of Hazelton, Ind.

We hold our farm show twice a year, in July and October. Every year, more than 400 local school children come to see pioneer living demonstrations! The event consists of horse drawn implements, steam engine tractors, flea markets, and food booths. We don't care if you bring horses, mules, tractors or just come for the fun. We love to share the horses with everyone. It's not uncommon for “Hotrod” to prepare great meals for the teamsters!

The club was organized October 19, 1963. In 1979, they purchased their first property. Over the years, with the help of generous donors and volunteers, the club built or relocated a variety of buildings including a log cabin, railroad depot and school house.
damien wricht percheron
Damien Wright of Cannyville, Ky.
silas quick percheron
Silas Quick, Midway, Ind.
tim reich and benny thomas
Tim Reich of Hillsborough, Ohio, driving and Benny Thomas of Winslow, Ind., watching.
don fredrick
Don Fredrick of Willow Hills, Ill.
plow contest judges
John Knepp of Loogootee, Ind., plowing and Ken Pimental judging for the Percheron Association.
silas quick and Rober titzer
Silas Quick Midway, Ind., seated and Roger “Hot Rod” Titzer of Chandler, Ind.
boonville plow day participants
Back row left to right: Benny Thomas, Damien Wright, and Tim Reich. Seated left to right: Randy O'Risky, Jim Stevens, Silas Quick, Danny Wolfe and Jeff Davis.
For more information, visit the club's Facebook page (Antique Steam & Gas Engine Club) or call club President Tim Forston at 812-686-6466.rh house logo
Sheila O'Risky lives in Kentucky where he trains his donkeys. This article appeared in the December22/January 23 issue of Rural Heritage magazine
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