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draft power at the Homeplace on Green River
Horse Progress Days
Pandemic - June 2020
publisher's post

Like most of you, I have been having to revise my plans almost daily due to the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines restricting travel and social contact to control the spread of the coronavirus.

The issues I have had to face regarding the pandemic seem trivial when compared with the devastating impact the virus has had on people who became sick or died from the disease, front line medical professionals working heroically to treat those patients, and police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel keeping us safe in our communities.

So I am not complaining. Not even a little bit. I am more than willing to do my part to help control the spread of this disease. This “new normal” everyone keeps talking about has yet to be fully realized as we transition from locked-down, stay-at-home status to the prudent reopening of our local economies and our re-emergence from home.

So many events have been canceled and postponed. The Waverly Midwest Spring Horse Sale has been postponed twice and is in jeopardy of being canceled altogether — fingers crossed that we can safely gather June 9–12.

The cancellation of the 27th Annual Horse Progress Days is particularly impactful for us and a lot of our friends. We count on it to solicit new subscriptions and sell books and DVDs, as well as to conveniently see the developments being made in the world of draft animal powered implements and vehicles.

Also counting on the event are our advertisers and others who manufacture and/or sell logging and field equipment, harness and collars, carriages and wagons, and a host of other useful but hard-to-find products. Most of the Oct/Nov issue of this magazine is devoted to HPD coverage. We bring you photos and details of equipment being introduced and demonstrated at the event as well as coverage of many of the workshops and seminars held during those two days.

We don't want to wait a year to bring you this news. Once travel is again allowed, I will be visiting shops, dealers and manufacturers in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states to find out what they had planned to bring to Mt. Hope in July.

The first of these reports will be carried in the Aug/ Sep issue, I hope, and we will wrap up the coverage in the Oct/Nov issue. Mary Ann Sherman, who has doggedly covered seminars and workshops for us in past years, will attempt to do a similar roundup for the magazine by contacting presenters directly this year. It won't be the same, but it should be a fair substitute.


Our Calendar of Events listing on page 100 is as up to date as we can make it. Even so, there will continue to be cancellations and reschedulings. Call or visit the events' websites before making the trip to confirm it is still being held when you get there. Advertisements in the magazine for field days, sales, festivals and other events are also subject to change.



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