Hebron, Maine USA

Mackin Creek Farm, BC Canada
Above: Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
participant Troika Drafts & The Shoeing Shop,
Hebron, Maine USA, offer a flexible program and a
variety of draft horse related opportunities.
Troika Drafts &
The Shoeing Shop
Vicki Schmidt
955 Buckfield Road, Route 124
Hebron, ME 04238

Lessons and training of horses
for work (logging and haying),
sport, and show. We offer a
flexible program and a variety of
draft horse related opportunities.

  • Source of power: combined technologies with 25 Shires and 3 tractors.
  • Horses are used for: weekly chores, logging firewood, raking hay, pasture maintenance spring, summer, and fall, spreading manure in spring and fall.
  • Acreage: 97; 7 in barnyard, 45 in hay/pasture, 45 woodland.
  • Skills offered in:raising and training all-around farm and family “chore horses”. We focus on the versatility of the draft for work, show, and play and include as many on-farm skills with our program as possible. We raise and train foals through adults for logging and light farm management and utilize a whole-horse learning approach toward care and training. Our programs offer endless opportunity for driving and working with a variety of drafts at different levels of training.
  • Work hours: dawn to dusk most of the time, 6 days/wk.
  • Terms: room & board; 2 apprentices at a time.
  • Stipend: after two weeks based on percentage of income generated by apprentice’s work, goal oriented miscellaneous opportunities for stipends.
  • Accommodations: one-room cabin, older farmhouse offering healthy, wholesome meals, with as much homegrown as possible.
  • Apprentice must: be honest and trustworthy, have a good work ethic and a desire to learn, be respectful of humans and animals, appreciate the value of learning from a hands-on approach.
  • Visit first: if apprentice desires.
  • Trail period: yes.
  • Note: We are not a relocation service for the Northeast. Please contact us only if you sincerely want an apprenticeship.

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