Hebron, Maine USA

Troika Drafts
Above: Good Farming Apprenticeship Network
participant Troika Drafts & The Harness Shop,
Hebron, Maine USA, offer a flexible program and a
variety of draft horse related opportunities.
Troika Drafts &
The Harness Shop
Vicki Schmidt
955 Buckfield Road
Hebron, ME 04238
Telephone: 207-890-4590

Troika Drafts is a 150 acre farm in the foothills of Western Maine. We enjoy all types of drafts (and horses in general) but specialize in Shires for work, sport, and show.

Troika Drafts also stands the Shire Stallion, New England Bomber. Breeding, stallion and mare care, foaling, year-round caring for drafts, and all-around farming are additional activities to keep us busy.

  • Owners' Experience: Dozens of years raising, training, and showing drafts.
  • Apprenticeship Program: Our apprentice and intern program features learning opportunities for training young stock, working with singles, and schooling a variety of horses. Second to our drafts are the gardens, greenhouse, and a bit of firewood production. We utilize our Shires as much as possible with the day to day chores and have designed "The Chore Horse Harness" that we feature in our small harness shop.
  • Apprentice expectations: Beginners welcome as well as those just wanting to learn more about drafts and looking to gain experience working with and caring for them. Please arrive with a clean and respectable work ethic and a genuine desire to learn and progress with farming and draft horse skills. This is a low key, no drama, peaceful and productive farming life. Absolutely no smokers, use of tobacco products, or excessive additive tenancies.
  • Source of power: 7 horses, tractor.
  • Horses are used for:
    Pasture and field maintenance.
    Logging of firewood.
    Hauling compost and soil for greenhouse and gardens.
    Hauling hay to the barn and pastures.
    Misc chores and farmwork.
  • Acreage: 3 in garden, 15 in pasture, 30 in hay/pasture, 100 woodland.
  • Additional animals: One farm cat and a Borderdoodle.
  • Preferences: 2 year round interns and possibly an additional seasonal intern.
  • Work hours: Varies 4-16 hours per day. Normally 6am - 7pm, flexible depending on time of year, weather, and other activities. Realize that farming is 7/24/365 and that time off is valuable and scheduled as fairly as possible for everyone. Mornings start when the sun comes up in the summer and ends at dark. Other times of the year the days are a bit flexible.
  • Terms: Year round preferred.
  • Stipend: Yes. Dependent on skills, work ethic, and productivity .
  • Meals: Provided - farm vegetables, occasional other meals, foods, etc.
  • Accommodations: Lodging is a fully furnished on-site two bedroom ranch home, radiant floors, heat and electricity included.
  • Visit first: if apprentice desires.
  • Trail period: No
  • Note:

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