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Feel free to post any item of equipment or tack you may wish to sell, trade, or buy that is related to farming or logging with horses, mules, donkeys, or oxen. If you are seeking a draft animal or team, you may post your message here. If you wish to sell a team or single, please post it in one of the following directories:

Transaction:Sell Location:Lee Center, NY
Item:McCormick Deering New No. 4 Cultivator Name:David Steinbach
Price:$900 Email:
Description: This is a working McCormick Deering New No. 4 two-horse cultivator. Approx 75 years old. New pole and neck yoke. 6-shovel gangs, spring trip, with shields. Comes with 6" sweeps and 1.5" shovels. Many adjustments, wheel width, etc. See photos on Utica-Rome Craigslist.
Date Posted: 2014-04-18 11:25:13

Transaction:Sell Location:greeneville,tn
Item:pioneer forecart haflinger size Name:todd
Price:1200 Email:
Description: pioneer forecart have shafts and tongue hydraulic brakes,fenders,whip holder,receiver hitch,basket on back and bench seat with cushion and cover in like new condition.may trade can send pics ph#423-823-2490
Date Posted: 2014-04-16 07:38:04

Transaction:Trade Location:Marion, Virginia (Southwest VA)
Item:Meadowbrook Cart Name:Julie Reimer
Price:$600 Email:
Description: Cart fits nicely behind my 14.2, 1200 lb Haflinger. Would consider trading toward a small wagon or wagonette that could be pulled by the Haflinger. I can email pictures of my cart to anyone interested.
Date Posted: 2014-04-15 08:34:07

Transaction:Buy Location:Sesser Il.
Item:Van Brunt drill parts Name:Paulk
Price:? Email:
Description: Looking for the drive gears for a John Deere Van
Brunt drill. I believe its a model FB and the gears
are located right behind the end plate.
Date Posted: 2014-04-10 21:07:50

Transaction:Sell Location:Gagetown, MI
Item:Planters and cultipacker Name:Marshall
Price:Varies Email:
Description: McCromick Deering one row potato planter with fertilizer attatchment $500

McCormick 44 four row planter $400

Who knows what brand 8 foot cultipacker with metal bearings $350

Feel free to make me an offer on any or all of it.
Date Posted: 2014-04-08 11:04:11

Transaction:Buy Location:Gilmer Texas
Item:I&J forecart Name:JW Steger
Price: Email:
Description: Im looking for a used I&J heavy duty forecart. The
one that is ground drive with a pto shaft.
Date Posted: 2014-04-05 23:17:10

Transaction:Sell Location:Albany ga
Item:Buggy Name:C Williams
Price:950.00 Email:
Description: One horse buggy in good condition
Date Posted: 2014-03-31 21:10:23

Transaction:Sell Location:howard, co
Item:6 person wagonette Name:dave white
Price:$2000.00 Email:
Description: 6 person wagonette with top. Good condition
Date Posted: 2014-03-31 12:58:20

Transaction:Sell Location:MARYVILLE, TN
Price:2,500 Email:
Date Posted: 2014-03-31 12:11:58

Transaction:Buy Location:wallingford,vermont05773
Item:med. wagon for oxen Name:michele bruce
Price: Email:
Description: would like a wagon or cart for my oxen.
Date Posted: 2014-03-30 07:27:24
 re: med. wagon for oxen posted by Tera on 2014-04-05 00:01:09

Transaction:Sell Location:commerce, ga.
Item:wagon Name:neal seagraves
Price:2,000 Email:
Description: pioneer trail way wagon bed, green, seats about 12, padded front seat, hydro. brakes, on car tire running gear, paint flaked off little bit, keep in barn. phone# 7062024811
Date Posted: 2014-03-24 07:46:47

Transaction:Sell Location:Culpeper, VA
Item:horse drawn people mover wagon Name:YANCEY
Price:2100.00 Email:
Description: horse drawn people mover wagon. in excellent condition. must see to appreciate. Red and black in color. Will carry around 12 people. must see to appreciate. $2100.00 OBo. We will discuss and consider all offers.
Date Posted: 2014-03-23 17:00:28
 re: horse drawn people mover wagon posted by Russ Young on 2014-03-30 20:25:43

Transaction:Sell Location:Inman S. C.
Price:$15.00 each $125 per dozen Email:
Description: PLOW HANDLES FOR Horse Drawn WALKING
PLOWS. $15 ea or $125 per Doz. plus
shipping. Call Clarence 864-594-9525
Date Posted: 2014-03-21 17:19:34

Transaction:Sell Location:molion, florida
Item:plow equiptment large selection new and used. Name:charles sanders
Price:$1000.00 Email:
Description: Oliver #6 walking plow with 10 sets of NOS points, wings and slides. 2 new frogs for Oliver #6. Chattanooga #70 walking plow with 2 sets of NOS points, wings, and slides.
NOS Joe harrow cultivator no handles.
NOS Georgia stock cultivator, used Georgia stock cultivator with new shovels and sweeps all different sizes.
1 new set of plow handles, several different used steel beams. new plow bolts, 2 used collars 15" used steel singles trees and double trees.
Several different small plow parts for steel beams and wooden plows.
cell 1-828-400-7924 home 1-850-587-5816
Date Posted: 2014-03-21 08:44:40

Transaction:Sell Location:Monroe, Ohio
Item:Haflinger or quarter horse team leather harness Name:Larry Line
Price:$800.00 Email:
Description: Amish made Haflinger or quarter horse leather team harness used only three or four times. Fits my 1200 lb haflingers
Date Posted: 2014-03-18 17:32:28

Transaction:Sell Location:Monroe, Ohio
Item:Pioneer forecart Name:Larry Line
Price:$500.00 Email:
Description: Pioneer Forecart, Haflinger or quarter horse size. Cart has shafts, brakes, bench seat, fenders, carry all basket on the rear.
Date Posted: 2014-03-18 17:26:52
 re: Pioneer forecart posted by Donald Beekman on 2014-04-06 21:10:54

Transaction:Buy Location:Southeastern Wisconsin
Item:Spring Tooth Drag section Name:Charlie T
Price:$75 Email:
Description: I'm looking desperately for a single
section of spring tooth drag. They are
common on craigslist, only every one of
them is at least 300 miles from me!
Please if you know where I can find one
close to the Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison
area let me know. I want to start
practicing my mare with it now and get in
the fields when they finally dry out.
414-294-3235 Thank you,
Date Posted: 2014-03-15 20:13:41

Transaction:Buy Location:Andover ct
Item:5 row grain drill Name:tostm hur
Price: Email:.
Description: Looking for a single horse disc type grain drill {860}646-6536. ask for tom.
Date Posted: 2014-03-15 10:43:30
 re: 5 row grain drill posted by Charlie T on 2014-03-15 20:07:34

Transaction:Buy Location:Prattsburgh, NY
Item:Jointers for Wiard 2way Name:Russ Young
Price:neg. Email:
Description: My Wiard plow is missing the jointers/colters and would like to purchase these pieces if possible. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Date Posted: 2014-03-13 10:30:28

Transaction:Sell Location:Calhoun, GA
Item:Two seated Buckboard Name:Travis Stewart
Price:2700 Email:
Description: Two seated Buckboard with tongue and shafts. Hydro.brakes. Wood spoke wheels with rubber.
Date Posted: 2014-03-13 09:56:11

Transaction:Sell Location:Calhoun, GA
Item:Bagwell Wagon Name:Travis Stewart
Price:8000 Email:
Description: One horse all original Bagwell wagon. Wagon is in excellent condition. Never repainted. 706-263-0331
Date Posted: 2014-03-13 09:53:43

Transaction:Sell Location:Lawson Mo
Item:Buck Board wagon Name:Pete Shiflett
Price:$3000.00 Email:
Description: Excellent condition restored marine varnish wood wheels with rubber ball bearings single horse or mule really nice call 816 5061793 8165062193
Date Posted: 2014-03-10 10:05:34

Transaction:Sell Location:Rockford, AL
Item:Mule Drawn riding disc harrow Name:John Harris
Price:$150.00 Email:
Description: Mule drawn riding disc harrow, average condition, or trade all items for average Pioneer forecart. Can email photos of all items, can deliver or meet you at the major sales at Russellville, AL on 3/23/14, or at Unadilla, GA for the spring sale.
Date Posted: 2014-03-09 20:34:41
 re: Mule Drawn riding disc harrow posted by James Brannum on 2014-03-21 17:10:35

Transaction:Sell Location:Rockford, AL
Item:Walking Cultivator Name:John Harris
Price:$150.00 Email:
Description: Walking Cultivator, ready to go to the field.
Date Posted: 2014-03-09 20:30:26

Transaction:Sell Location:Rockford, AL
Item:Walking Oliver cultivator Name:John Harris
Price:$100.00 Email:
Description: Walking Oliver cultivator, needs restoring or for parts.
Date Posted: 2014-03-09 20:29:15

Transaction:Sell Location:canada manitoba beausejour
Item:Massey Harris Mower No.7 Name:dayne
Price:450 Email:
Description: This mower dose turn over and is complete with the original steel pitman.

$450 obo

Date Posted: 2014-03-06 08:29:00

Transaction:Sell Location:United States
Item:eveners, yokes, singletrees Name:Nathanial Varty
Price:competitive Email:
Description: I build any and all sizes of steel
singltrees, eveners and yokes. I dont
keep very many in stock so that i can
build exactly what you want. Quick build
time. I currently supply a couple amish
tack shops and they all like my products
and my prices. Also custom build any
steel equipment. For example, am
currently converting a Nh456 mower to
horsedrawn unit complete with its own
engine. All cool stuff. I have a special
paint i use that lasts longer than most.
Custom colours too. Email for details. thanks
Date Posted: 2014-03-05 14:29:19

Transaction:Buy Location:Weldona Colorado
Item:Quater Horse size Team harness Name:Bryan Thrams
Price:Negotiable Email:
Description: Need a harness in good usable condition for my QH mare team they are 15.1 and 15.2 Hands I want the collar type harness. These mare weigh around 1200# Don't need fancy just good sturdy usable harness
Date Posted: 2014-03-05 14:23:21

Transaction:Sell Location:cambridge city indiana
Item:bio work harness Name:David Siders
Price:550 Email:
Description: one brand new side of bio work harness draft horse size, this harness has not been used, it needs lines and a collar.765 478 5786
Date Posted: 2014-03-05 07:03:12

Transaction:Buy Location:Jamestown Tn
Item:old fashion open Pollinated Corn seed Name:Henry Hoover
Price: Email:
Description: Looking for Yellow Thompsons Prolific
Yellow Hickory King
Neals Paymaster
Tennessee Redcob
Jarvis prolific
Bloody Butcher
Crows foot
Winchester Red and White from Virginia, Ky,Tn, and Nc.
Damon Morgans Kentucky Butcher
and any other good open pollinated corn.
Po box 94 Allardt Tn.
Date Posted: 2014-03-03 13:52:13
 re: old fashion open Pollinated Corn seed posted by T Baker on 2014-03-19 10:32:24

Transaction:Buy Location:Tennessee
Item:Corn seed Name:Henry Hoover
Price: Email:
Description: I am a retired farmer and am working with some Amish farmers learning how to develop our own hybrid corn seeds.
In order to not have to pay the selfishly high prices that the big seed companies charge for corn seed , it is necessary to start with a good old fashion open pollinated corn. so we need to find several varieties of open pollinated corn for the parent lines.
If you have such a variety of corn seed and would be willing to part with some for seed please email me and let me know what kind of corn you grow and if you would be interested in participating in learning to develop our own hybrid seed corn. If you don't email write me a letter.

My postal mail address is
Henry Hoover
po box 94
Allardt Tn.38504
Date Posted: 2014-03-03 13:43:40
 re: Corn seed posted by Mark DeKorne on 2014-03-14 11:36:04

Transaction:Sell Location:Troy, KS
Item:1898 Horse drawn belly dump wagon Name:Doyle Prawl
Price:$4200.00 Email:
Description: In working order and ready to go
Date Posted: 2014-02-28 13:06:06

Transaction:Buy Location:IL
Item:Wagon Name:Mptclinics
Price: Email:
Description: We are looking for a 12-14 foot multi-purpose wagon
similar to the Pioneer Classic style. The ideal wagon
would be on 3 ton gear (will consider 6 ton) already
have automotive pneumatic tires, brakes, lights, steel
tongue, rear benches, and be road ready. We can add
on as needed, though for the right price. We are
located in central IL, but can arrange pickup in most of
the US. Please e-mail with details and photos. Thank
Date Posted: 2014-02-27 09:50:22
 re: Wagon posted by JIMA on 2014-02-28 18:18:51

Transaction:Buy Location:Oklahoma
Item:Horse drawn buggy Name:Amanda Nickell
Price:Less than 1000 Email:
Description: Looking to buy a single horse drawn buggy close
to Oklahoma.
Date Posted: 2014-02-23 20:55:13

Transaction:Sell Location:shoreham Vermont
Item:John Deere sulky plow Name:john reynolds
Price:$500. Email:
Description: John Deere sulky plow with 2 reverse moldboard 16" plow in excellent condition.Call 802 349 5063 for details
Date Posted: 2014-02-23 19:34:40
 re: John Deere sulky plow posted by Russ Young on 2014-03-13 10:22:24
 re: John Deere sulky plow posted by Todd Alexander on 2014-03-13 20:50:11

Transaction:Sell Location:Tabor City NC
Item:Fertilizer Distributors Name: J Royals
Price:$175 Email:
Description: Two one horse fertilize distributors. One is a Cole, round hopper.....comes with two extra hoppers. The other is a McCay. They are is good shape.
Date Posted: 2014-02-23 09:31:54

Transaction:Sell Location:Fort Myers, FL
Item:Haflinger sized team work harness, biothane Name:Juliana Clark
Price:Best Offer Email:
Description: I have a Haflinger sized biothane team work harness, with collars & hames. It is practically brand new except for being stored in my barn for about a year so it is dusty. My loss is your gain, I don't have time to break the team to drive so make me an offer. I will ship it if you pay for shipping
Date Posted: 2014-02-23 09:29:19
 re: Haflinger sized team work harness, biothane posted by Ron on 2014-02-23 16:03:07
 re: Haflinger sized team work harness, biothane posted by Robert on 2014-03-01 17:12:37
 re: Haflinger sized team work harness, biothane posted by Robbie on 2014-03-02 05:02:56
 re: Haflinger sized team work harness, biothane posted by roger roe on 2014-03-04 20:12:20

Transaction:Sell Location:New Cumberland,WV
Item:one horse or pony buggy/sleigh Name:P Morgan
Price:1500.00 Email:
Description: Red buggy, black padded seat, white spoke wheels, springs for nice ride, comes with horse and pony shafts, wheels remove for sleigh runners VGC email for pictures.
Date Posted: 2014-02-21 19:26:47

Transaction:Sell Location:maryville, tn
Item:1910 hercules dr's buggy Name:misty galyon
Price:$2,500 Email:
Description: wanting to sell 1910 hercules dr's buggy. in excellent shape. can send pictures. it is in its original form and it has not been redone. it has been garage kept and is ready for use. i can send pictures
Date Posted: 2014-02-20 14:02:00

Transaction:Buy Location:Tetiona Idaho
Item:hydraulic shoeing table Name:kevin little
Price: Email:
Description: used for putting horses on there side for shoeing
Date Posted: 2014-02-20 13:45:44

Transaction: Location:Johnstown NY
Item:Number 9 Harness stitcher Name:Jim Hemstreet
Price:$3000.00 Email:
Description: Sewing machine will sew leather, bio, nylon up to 7/8 inch thick. Can be run by hand or with motor. Nothing wrong with it still in use. I have more machines than I need.
Date Posted: 2014-02-19 12:46:48

Transaction:Buy Location:indiana
Item:farm wagon and sulky plow Name:David Siders
Price:0000 Email:
Description: I am looking for a farm wagon for draft horses, would like it to have brakes but don't need anything fancy, also would like to find a sulky plow in good shape
Date Posted: 2014-02-19 09:54:30

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