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Spend few moments visiting our teamster and drover forum here on the front porch. Ask a draft animal related question, answer one someone has asked, or impart some bit of wisdom you'd like to share about working draft animals.

Other topics are allowed as they relate to self-sufficient living, small-scale family farming, and other aspects of our rich rural heritage.

But first, let's agree on the following terms:

sit a spell
  • Discuss - to present your side of an issue.
  • Debate - to offer facts backing up your beliefs.
  • Argue - to attack another person's point of view.
  • Fight - to attack another person.

All who wish to discuss and debate, but avoid arguments and fights, are welcome here:
Draft Horse and Mule Teamster & Ox Drover Forum
Be aware, however, that some posts, and whole threads, may be harvested to appear in the pages of the magazine so they may educate and elucidate an even larger audience.

To find out where other visitors live check out our Front Porch Visitor Locator.

To learn how to post a picture with your message, see Posting Pictures on the Porch.

"I started wondering why I felt such a powerful connection to the experience of being on a front porch." — Michael Dolan

"Porches speak to us all of community and country, of family and friendship...." — Mark Burnett

"Nothing bad has ever happened on a front porch." — Kent Hendricks

From: The American Front Porch, an Informal History of an Informal Place

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09 August 2006