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1 year ago

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I've got a fresno my dad and his twin brother used to build a pond and dam with when they were about 15 years old. It was during the 30's when the family needed cash money and my grandfather got a pretty good government check for it($100). It was built by Russell Grader Co and has a 48" cutting edge. They pulled it with a team.
When I'd ask my dad about the type horses they used he say they were just horses (not draft). Can a big single draft load something like that or is it too wide?
Everyone I knew who actually worked horses like that is gone now. I've run searches on the forum and I know there is a couple men who used equipment like this. I'm hoping one of them or anyone who might know will respond.
I don't intend to use it myself. Even if my knees weren't worn out, I can imagine hitting a caliche rock and getting sent into orbit.


Mike Rock says 2018-02-20 05:11:36 (CST)

Remember, in most cases you have to plow first to loosen the material.
Look at the old 'highway', or 'road' plows. Big, heavy, they were meant to loosen some nasty stuff. My dad used to run one back in the early thirties and told me that. In North Dakota in one shed we had two scrapers and two plows, one with a lay for wider work, the other a shallow one that looked more like a subsoiler. They had always been used together.


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Scott S says 2018-02-20 22:12:24 (CST)

The four foot cut would be for four horses, not saying two horses can't and haven't. I pulled a four horse Fresno with a span of Belgians mares years ago. It worked well, a couple hours they where tired and so was I. We where cleaning corals, just piling in middle so the haul wasn't very far. Then picked up a two horse model, four hours later they where still going and I was beat. The old timers that did that for a living where tough. Mike is right, usually the ground was loosened first. I enjoy working with one.

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Plainsman says 2018-02-22 20:44:15 (CST)

I think they did run something to rip ahead of the fresno periodically. I know they'd run a chisel in front of an old cable lift dozer when they built our ensilage pits.
One of my cousins has a five foot fresno, it's sure enough a four horse model. It's in great shape because of that I suppose. The cutting edge is still in great shape almost new. The one I have is worn sharp and thin like it was used a lot.

12 months ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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