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I don't want to hijack another's thread so will start this one.

I don't have a round bale mover, I feed in a long skinny hay correl. Saw some really interesting photos in the latest Genesis (Rare Breeds Canada) magazine.

The set up was 3 abreast work horses hooked to a sled. First thing on the sled was a small caboose with (I'm guessing) an motor exhaust pipe sticking out the top. Then a mix mill, he was driving along side a feed trough and angering feed into the trough. At the back of the sled was a set of arms with holding a round bale. I'm guessing its set up to unroll the bale.

Uncle Joe there maybe a good story in this. Another picture is of him driving a team of work horses while riding a saddle horse. This is only the third picture I've seem of this setup.

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