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I attended Waverly last first Horse Sale. Wow, what an experience! I was only able to be there Wednesday evening and Thursday for Horse Sale. I got to meet Joe, finally, as well as Dave T. I wound up buying one of his nice started colts. I also got a trained team of spotted draft mares. They were the main reason I had gone, in hopes I could get them. Lucky for me, 75% of bidders left by the time they got the spotted drafts. Guess they aren't really popular yet. Unfortunately, the harnesses were sold earlier in the day, so now I have 3 new horses and no harness. I've been trying to get them ordered, but it's taking a while with the voicemail back-and-forth the Amish companies are infamous for. I'm doing ground work and getting to know them, but really looking forward to driving them and trying them out to see how their power compares to our big team. Hopefully they will do what we need, so we can downsize. My spine has been stretched to the max by our 18+ hand boys, so these 16 hand spotted drafts are a breath of fresh air! Photo is my 10 year old daughter practicing her horsemanship skills with one of the new mares.

Klaus Karbaumer says 2017-04-06 14:20:09 (CST)

Congratulation, Danielle, with your new purchases. I hope you'll have lots of success with them. You mention "downsizing", so I assume you will put your big boys on the market.
In that case I hope that you'll find a good home for your big Belgians, because , as we have heard over time from you, they have served you well.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Redgate says 2017-04-06 16:37:17 (CST)

Yes, Klaus, it has taken us more than a year to make this decision, so much thought and reasoning has gone into it. They have truly been a wonderful team to learn from, and we have had the privilege of seeing them progress from a young 4/5 year old team experienced primarily in farm work, to a confident team in their prime, that will do anything/go anywhere I ask. I felt guilty even considering downsizing for a while, but practicality (not to mention sore muscles and joints!) won out. We have done everything from theater to logging to plow days to farm work to demos to carriage work in the city. It has truly been a blast! That all being said, we had wanted around 17 hands, and these boys grew to over 18. I am not very tall, and the frequent harnessing has gotten harder, not to mention the oversized and custom equipment getting expensive! So, the decision was made to begin the search for a slightly smaller team. So, assuming this new team/trio works out, we plan to offer these boys for sale in the not-to-distant future. We are still actively using them right now, and timing will all depend on how strong and confident the new new team proves to be. We have several city contracts already lined up, and have to make sure we can fill those. I guess time will tell. Meanwhile, we'll keep having fun with all our horses!

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Dan in Illinois says 2017-04-06 20:43:14 (CST)

Don't know what you are looking for but Chester creek harness south of chesterville usually has bio in stock last I bought was $1000.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Ralph in N.E.Oh says 2017-04-06 21:05:04 (CST)

Great news, good for you!

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

K.C. Fox says 2017-04-09 01:00:44 (CST)

Randy Williams on swap meet has some harness for draft horses don't know anything about it just seen it there tonight. go to sale barn.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Dan in Illinois says 2017-04-25 21:53:32 (CST)

Wondering how new horses are doing.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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