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Vulcan plow - for Buggy (or anyone)
Posted by evans at 2006-11-13 19:12:05
Buggy, I was doing some searching in old post and found one discussing hillside plows. I was wondering if you still have your Vulcan plow. Does it do a good job? I was thinking about getting a new one from Erb plow works. Any help would be app.
Response by Evans at 2006-11-14 14:22:45
Still got it, a Vulcan 10 Hillside. To tell you the truth never have used it, but it is all there and in excellent shape. Got so much around here most just visits for awhile till someone wants it worst than me.
Response by WD at 2006-11-15 08:28:08
I have a Vulcan # 10 hillside that I need to restore. It needs handles and cleaned up. I'd love to see some pics of one with original paint colors.
Response by mark wv at 2006-11-15 20:14:02
I use the hillside plows here in WV. Most recently I have used an Oliver the same size as the Vulcan #10. Also enjoy using a #6 one horse hillside plow. I have a good #10 and a spare for parts. For just my regular spring plowing I use a 13 Vulcan left hand steel beam. It does a fine job. The hillside plow is lighter and not as good for deep penetration or rough ground. but works OK for garden patches and really saves by turning on the headland and going right back in the furrow. You don't need to "flip" the plow, just release the latch then lean it over as the team turns, the moldboard rolls over and latch it back for the next furrow. Mark wv
Response by evans at 2006-11-16 22:12:39
Mark, if you don't mind me asking, what part of wv do you live in? I worked in Mcdowel County for about 3 yrs. And do you use a team with the Vulcan or can 1 horse handle it? I was thinking I can deal with a little less performance if when I break a plow point or something it can be replaced relatively easy. All I will be doing with it is working it in the spring contracting the elderlies' gardens.
Response by mark wv at 2006-11-17 22:30:46
re: evans, I live in Greenbrier Co. just north of Lewisburg. The #10 Vulcan is a 2 horse plow. The #6 is a one horse plow. Now I am sure that the 10 can be pulled with one horse in the best of soils, but the hitch is different for a one horse, so the hitch can slide over to keep the horse on the land instead of walking in the furrow.You may email me if you would like mark
Response by Buggy at 2006-11-18 07:58:54
Evans, the Vulcan left yesterday along with a disc and a planter that had been keeping it company. Sure will miss visiting with it, but it went to a good home. Will be in Ohio next week. Got some room on the trailer and in the barn. We might have a couple of new visitors.
Response by evans at 2006-11-18 21:31:10
Well, I hate to hear that, buggy. I guess I should have spoken up sooner. I hope to hear back from Erb soon. Guess I will go that route.
Response by wes Lupher at 2006-11-19 17:59:27
I have moved into an old farm from around the early 1900s and I found an old Vulcan plow and I also found what looks to be an old seeder with a funnel and steel wheel with the attachments. The Vulcan seems to be all there except for the handles. On the side it says Vulcan no 6 steel beam and on the other it says vulcan no 6n. I was wondering if I could find out how old it is. Thanks for any replies.
Response by Marcial at 2007-03-11 16:35:37
Here in Puerto Rico we use the Vulcan #8. The suppliers stopped bring parts for them. Is there a place where I can purchase about a dozen SHARES. In my town of San Lorenzo there are about 10 persons who still use a pair of oxen to plow our mountainous terrain. Will be grateful.
Response by Brabant owner in SC at 2007-03-11 22:30:23
I don't have a dozen shares, but I do have 5 on hand. This should be on the equipment Swap Meet. If you would like you can e-mail me at @. Thanks, Tommy
Response by JASON CROUCH at 2007-04-19 23:33:43
I would some pictures of the Vulcan. I have a plow and do not know what I have.

Response by Quinten Phillips at 2011-07-07 23:35:32
Do you guys know anythything about a Vulcan plow number 12, left hand throwing slatted mold board? i am restoring of this year for 4-h. if you have any info, contact me a and yes, i know that is a "cheesy" email adress :)
Response by Matt Hocking at 2013-05-04 22:18:13
I have a Vulcan 3 bottom and a 1 bottom horse drawn plow if anybody would like to see them you can go on YouTube under 97Hocking or Heilman/Vulcan plow Vulcan plow works made plow up until around the 1950's the factory was torn down in about 1957 they were called Heilman plow at first then changed there name to Vulcan in the depression then murged with some other company's to stay in business until moving the plow works to Ohio out of Evansville Indiana thus ending the company the Vulcan plow company's statue of the Greek god Vulcan is in the Evansville Indiana museum along with some plows any other question you can Email me at
Response by Steve at 2014-02-22 14:33:56
I just came from Erb Plow Works--Sugercreek, Ohio---no longer being made new--Valcan plows
Response by Lloyd Ray at 2014-09-09 13:37:39
does anyone have a picture of a VULCAN No 6N PLOW.I recently found just the metal part the was my dad's

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