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Treating Sand Cracks
by F. Thomas Breningstall

Methods of treating cracks depend on the type and location of the cracks. Due to the possibility of lameness or deep hoof problems, these methods are best left to the farrier and veterinarian:

  1. Draw two clips, one on each side of the crack, and nail the shoe on the foot. (Clips consist of metal drawn from, or added to, the outside edge of a shoe; they lay against the outside of the hoof wall.)
  2. Weld one large clip, about 2/3 as high as the hoof wall, to the outside edge of the shoe. When the shoe is nailed on, the clip should cover the crack on both sides and make contact with the hoof wall.
  3. Staple the crack together with a hot staple and cover the crack with hoof repair kit.
  4. Drill holes on each side of the crack and lace with wire.
  5. Put short screws on each side of the crack and lace with wire.
  6. Use hoof repair kit with fiberglass matting; cover with more hoof repair stuff.
  7. Use a commercial hoof crack repair kit and support it with a shoe.

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F. Thomas Breningstall is a full-time farrier living in Fowlerville, Michigan. His column "Hoof & Hammer" appears regularly in Rural Heritage. This column was in Spring 1997 issue.

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