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Buying Draft Horses on the 'Net
by Lorri Robinson

What can you gain by using the Internet, instead of the more traditional avenues to draft horse ownership?

You are able to look for draft horses anywhere in the world, at any time of day.
You aren't restricted to horses available in your immediate area.
You save money by not having to make long distance calls until you're ready to deal.
You make fewer trips to inspect horses, instead of spending weeks going to farm after farm.
From the comfort of your home you are able to do a lot of research you may not have otherwise do.
You can take your time.
You met lots of wonderful people you might never otherwise have know.
But in many ways, buying a draft horse over the Internet is like buying a horse any other way. You still need to:
Do your homework before you buy.
Ask questions about breeding, training, and temperament.
Obtain photos and videos.
Be critical with the photos and videos—if anything bothers you, address the issue in your next email or phone call.
Get a pre-purchase vet exam.
When you find a horse you are genuinely interested in, send a refundable deposit.
If you are serious and can arrange it, go see the animal before making a commitment.


Lorri Robinson of Monticello, Georgia, wrote about her experience "Buying Horses in Cyberspace" in the Winter 1999 issue of Rural Heritage.

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