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As ox teamsters in New England strive for larger and larger cattle to enter into the Free-for-All or unlimited weight class at pulling competitions, it makes sense that they would cross the Holstein and the Chianina, the largest breeds in the dairy and beef industries. The cross combines the height, athletic build, temperament, and strong feet and legs of the Chianina with the body, easy-going attitude, and color of the Holstein. The cross is easier and cheaper to acquire than purebred Chianinas. Calves are typically born on dairy farms, making it easy to acquire them and begin training and matching them up at a young age.

color— black or brownish black
average mature weight— ox: 3,000#
bull: 2,800#
cow: 1,700#
temperament— moderately active
web resource American Chianina Association

Devon-Holstein Bigger picture


The Devon-Holstein is sometimes called the "black Devon" by New England Ox teamsters. It is popular for its striking solid black color, moderate temperament, and medium size. It combines the athletic ability and temperament of the Devon with the size and dark color of the Holstein. Many 4-H youngsters graduate to these animals after gaining experience with one of the more common breeds.

color— black
average mature weight— ox: 2,000#
bull: 1,800#
cow: 1,200#
temperament— moderately quick and alert

Hereford-Holstein Bigger picture


The Hereford-Holstein is a common cross in New England. This animal is leaner than the Hereford and more muscular than the Holstein. Its easy-going temperament makes it desirable among young teamsters.

color— black and white with white head and face
average mature weight— ox: 2,200#
bull: 2,000#
cow: 1,400#
temperament— easy going

Shorthorn-Holstein Bigger picture


The Shorthorn-Holstein may be almost all black, black and white, or blue roan (pictured). This cross is commonly used by teamsters in New England, since the Holstein and the Milking Shorthorn are often crossed on dairy farms specializing in Shorthorn cattle. Both pure breeds are often seen in ox teams, and many teamsters are attracted to the cross for its temperament, striking color, gentle nature, and good muscling.

color— black, black and white, blue roan
average mature weight— ox: 2,300#
bull: 2,100#
cow: 1,400#
temperament— moderately docile

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