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Mule team for sale


Dave Feltenberger
4720 FM 1800
Day Phone: (254) 477-3215
Evening Phone: (254) 477-3215
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Name: Guss Woodrow
Breed: mule Mule
Color: Red Dunn Red Dunn
Sex: Gelding Gelding
Date of Birth: 01/01/2011 01/01/2006
Height: 16HH 16 HH
Weight: 1300 lbs 300
Training: no training/green most machines/vehicles
Trained for: Driving
Hitches: both on left
Price (US$): 3500
Comments: Mules have been used on a hay mower, sled, forecart and wagon. I just returned from a 100 mile wagon train in West Texas (Sterling City to San Angelo. They are traffic Safe They are not, to my knowledge, broke to ride My wife has posted video of them pulling A forecart, a wagon and mowing weeds on a sickle bar mower. I bought them in a sale 6 weeks ago. I am certain they had not been used for several years before that. This the first hitching after I got them. This video was taken after we were stopped by a big rock on a steep hill north of San Angelo. In case you might think they lacked sand, 18 other teams had to be helped up that hill that day. The only teams that did not need help were draft teams pulling lighter wagons. The drafts that are helping us out here, are a team that I sold to Kelly Boesen several years ago.

Date Posted: 2018-02-04 10:10:00
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