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Chestnut Ridge Haflingers
Mike Williams
27714 Chestnut Ridge
Danville, Ohio 43014
Day Phone: (740) 398-9382
Evening Phone:
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Name: Susie Carie
Breed: Haflinger Haflinger
Color: Chestnut small strip whit Chestnut strip white mane
Sex: Mare Mare
Date of Birth: 03/03/03 04-07-04
Height: 14H 14H
Training: most machines/vehicles most machines/vehicles
Trained for: Driving
Hitches: both both
Price (US$): 4000
Comments: This is a very user friendly team of Haflinger mares. They both have done some farming, planting, plowing, mowing and raking hay. They are also traffic safe to drive on the road ways. They have also been used to haul wood. They have each had different partners and worked with many over the years. When I put them together here they fit like two spoons in a drawer. They stand quiet to harness, safe to drive in traffic, have a great Whoa, stand quiet at stop signs, just a fun easy team to drive. If you are a hobby farmer or just want a good quiet team to enjoy, these mars are for you. Thanks Mike

Date Posted: 2019-11-22 09:36:00
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