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Ed Thompson

Goshen NY

Listing Type:SELL
Item:Pioneer Forecart
Price (US$):$750
Description:Pioneer Forecart in excellent working condition with comfortable padded bench seat as well as a single tractor style seat (not shown). Made in USA out of very sturdy materials. Has the following Pioneer options: Mechanical brakes, metal fenders, spring suspension bench seat, tractor seat, extended draw-bar, and single horse shafts. Kept in barn and has good tires. Can be converted to team hitch using parts that can be purchased from Pioneer. A new Pioneer forecart equipped as this one is would cost more than $1700.

Date Posted:2017-09-01 05:57:31

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Ed Thompson
on 2017-09-04
Have lots of photos if you request them. The photo I uploaded did not get displayed for some reason.
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