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 Jason Rutledge

 8014 Bear Ridge Rd. SE
 Copper Hill, VA 24079
 Phone Number: 540-651-6355
 Evening Phone: 540-651-6355
 Cell Phone:

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Will Log:

Our non-profit organization networks with horseloggers throughout out the world. We have more familiar horselogger connections in the mid atlantic.


I personally have worked and logged with horses for over twenty years. Many horseloggers have had "Biological Woodsman" training through this group.

Horses & Equipment:

We work Suffoks and there are every breed, mules and oxen out there to work in the woods, with arches all sorts of combinations of machinery.


This organization was started by the Healing Harvest Forestry Coalition, a group of around 50 horseloggers in the central Appalachian region. We are the only 501c3 non-profit organization that promotes the use of animal powered techniques to restore the forest of our communities. All donations to this organization are 100% tax deductible. Our primary goal is public education of the benefits of this practice, as it is understood to be for the public good. Part of our eduational effort is to fund a mentor/apprentice network and learning experiences through mentor compensation and student earn as you learn stipend awards. The process begins with intensive training in chainsaw skills/safety, horsemanship, and restorative forestry principals. Anyone interested in this organization is welcome to contact us. Mention you saw this on Rural Heritage web page, and by the way, don't forget to renew your subscription to Rural Heritage.

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