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Estimate your Ox’s Weight

oxen weight calculation

Image credit: oxen silhouette image: stock image. Girth and Length information added.
by Mackenzie Chauncey
Periodically measuring and recording the weight of each ox in a
team lets you adjust the amount of feed for the faster-growing ox
to keep both animals close to the same size.
To estimate your ox's weight, measure its girth and length as shown
in the illustration above, enter those numbers in the fields provided below,
and click on the "Weight Estimate" button. If you wish to keep records for
several oxen, enter each ox’s name before printing the page
showing its estimated weight.
Girth is the circumference of the ox's body about 4" behind
its front legs.
Length is the length of the ox's body as measured in a straight
line from the point of shoulder to the buttocks.

Oxen Weight Form

  • inches centimeters

  • Please click on the weight estimate button to calculate weight

Mackenzie Chauncey
Mackenzie Chauncey is the primary author of the 4-H Working Steer Manual
from which the above has been adapted with permission. The manual, listed as:
UHC CE 4-H Working Steer Manual, is available as a PDF at the above link.

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