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Above: Rural Heritage February/March21 Cover: Phil Warren mows hay with Mike and Max at the Vilas Estate in Alstead, New Hampshire.

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Table of Contents
Publishers Post
Joe presents some wise advice for us as we enter a new year, his planned travels for this spring and our transition to exclusively direct sales of the magazine (subscriptions and single issue sales).
Rural Bookshelf
Joe reviews three books this issue. Grow Your Soil, by Diane Miessler covers the basics of improving your soil by achieving a balance of organic matter and microbes. Farming for the Long Haul by Michael Foley in which he shows how to construct a small farm economy that works in the modern world. Lastly, In Praise of Oxen, an older book that is currently out of print (but we found a pile of them while cleaning out). Photographer Terry James commemorates the important role the ox plays in Southwestern Nova Scotia with his beautiful photography.
J.C. Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renowned photographer JC Allen including hitch of six Percheron mares, shoveling corn from a wagon, child feeding oats to a colt, five wagons with bangboards in a corn field, hauling manure, and weeding a corn field with a mule and wheel, seeding oats and a corn husking contest.
Gabe Brown's Dirt to Soil
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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haying with draft horses
Phil and Jess Warren on a loaded wagon being pulled by Mike and Max.
Haying with Friends and Horses in New Hampshire− − − click on title to read this story in full.
A farmer in New Hampshire invites friends to help cut and bale hay each year.  Phil and Janet Warren explain the how the process works, the equipment used, the quantity of hay baled and how he pays the friends/helpers.  Included re some great photos of the draft horses that power the project.
Frontier Homestead - Living History
Jerry Hicks explains his love of history and his new venture.  He will be recreating a 18th century frontier farmstead on a part of his property.  He will share his experiences with us in future articles.
horse drawn plow
These pack panniers are designed to be put over a riding saddle.
Packing on the Umatilla with a Fjord Horse
A US Forest Service archeologis, a District Ranger, and a fjord travel to the North Fork John Day Wilderness in northeastern Oregon to survey historic mining cabins and pack out trash.  Jenifer Morrissey reports on the trip and gives us some history of this Wilderness.

Cheese Making at the Farm and Factory
A detailed explanation on how a small dairy farm can produce cheese, either on it’s own or in cooperation with a group of farmers.  All considerations are covered in this reprint from the Farm Knowledge, Volume 1, Farm Animals, Their Care and Diseases, Sears, Roebuck & Co., Copyright 1918, Revised Edition, 1919.
The original drawings from the book are included.

mule team in wagon train
Barry and Eli LIttle of Castlewood, S.D., hold daikon radishes from their cover crop. Daikon can increase soil aeration and water infiltration. Photo copyright USDA NRCS and used via Creative Commons license
Tales from Carter County - Swine Savviness
Jerry Hicks writes about farm animals’ natural instincts, which we often confuse as a lack of intelligence.  He then tells us a wonderful story to illustrate just such a time.
Soil Health and Stress Relief
Jenifer Morrissey reports on the regenerative soil health practices of combining no-til, crop rotation, cover plant and animal diversification and grass planting in sensitive areas. She quotes many farmers using these practices and sources evaluating them.  The health of the lands as well as the farmers who farm them is reported.
corn shock
Good posture for weed cultivating with a draw hoe.
Hand Hoes

An excellent article on the many different kinds of hoes, their uses, advantages and disadvantages.  Many photos are included of the different hoes and proper posture for using them.

Reshaping Hammer Handles
Pete Cecil tells of the importance of a well fitted handle on your tools.  He explains how to modify and treat a handle once it is purchased to fit your hand.

Year of the Golden Ox

Philip Henderson explains this Chinese calendar event that happens every 60 years.  He also writes about the general history of oxen and the history of oxen at the Orange County Fair in California.



Horses Get It Done – Winter in Western Wyoming
In the winter of 2020, Sandy Powell visited four Wyoming ranchers to write about their lives in this brutal climate.  She tells us of their dedication to using draft horses for feeding livestock in the winter weather and the challenges they encounter.
amish horses and buggies parking
Walden Campbell loads loose hay on his sled to be used for feeding his cattle in Western Wyoming

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