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Above: Rural Heritage August–September 22 Cover: Damon Wright of Caneyville, Ky., plows at the Homeplace on Green River Spring Plow Day in Campbellsville, Ky.

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Table of Contents
Publishers Post
Joe writes about his trip to Horse Progress Days, Poineer Equipment creation of Acherman's Equipment and Rental company, Jerry Hicks' stories, Jenifer Morrissey Fell Pony podcast and his recent and future travels. Oh, and the darn increasing cost of paper.
JC Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renouned photographer JC Allen including rebuilding a barn and feeding hogs.
Reader Reports
A few words of praise and photos from readers.
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
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homestead land clearing
Sean and the excavator working together to save as much timber as possible for milling to build the structures.
Starting Over – Part 2
Danielle Londrigan continues her story of pulling up stakes from their small market/draft animal powered farm and moving to a new farm with new possibilities. In this installment, the family has to adapt their off-grid lifestyle when they learn their permanent housing will take longer than expected to build.
Drystone Walling – Part 1− − − click on title to read this story in full.
Jerry Hicks explains the regional drystone walls in Bluegrass region of Kentucky and its unique features. Then he proceeds to teach/show us how to build one.
Country Justice – Part 1
Dick Courteau reflects on how a particular country judge meted out his sentences with both equanimity and compassion.
Country Justice – Part 2
Dick Courteau recounts a tale where he was on the receiving end of some “country justice” that spared him long-term consequences but still taught him to respect the Law.
Various peaveys.
Buying an Inexpensive Peavey

Pete Cecil discusses the usefulness of peaveys, where to find them, and how to adapt them to your needs.

Patrons and PartnersDiversity on the Farm and Around It

Chris Weaver explains the Percheron Horse of America Education Fund and describes a recent training session at the Walter hill Horsemanship School.



wild turkey on healthy ranch
Wild turkeys and other wildlife have returned to the Cammack Ranch due to their focus on soil health.
Photo courtesy USDA NRCS South Dakota via Creative Commons license 2
Diversity on the Farm and Around It
Jenifer Morrissey writes about soil health practices and the many consequences of healty soil. She notices and sites many farmers who have seen increasingly diverse wildlife, including increased bird species, in and around their farms.

justin riendeau with his oxen team
Justin skidding a log with Digger and Dozer.
A Few Moments with:
Oxen Teamster Justin Riendeau
Rob Collins provides an extensive interview with Connecticut teamster Justin Riendeau, whoso makes and sells oxen equipment and has produced a series of excellent Youtube tutorials about training and working oxen.

Training Equines to Load in a Trailer

Dick Courteau provides ideas on how to train your draft animal to enter a trailer.



bozeman trail crossing big horn river
Crossing the Big Horn River at Fort C.F. Smith in Montana.
Trail Authenticity
Participants in the 2001 Bozeman Trail wagon train reenactment learn many lessons in dealing with a variety of sometimes conflicting personalities as well as difficult situations and injury. The story highlights diary entries of some of the participants.

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