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Above: Rural Heritage April/May 21 Cover: Tim Rousch drives his Percherons at the Glenndale Park Field Days.
Vol 46, No 2
April - May 21

Rural Heritage is a bimonthly
journal in support of farming
and logging with draft horses,
mules, and oxen. The April/May 2021 issue was mailed to subscribers on March 23, 2021. Below is this issue’s annotated Table of Contents, with a link to a full feature article to showcase the good reading delivered to your door every other month when you
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Table of Contents
Publishers Post
Joe presents some wise advice for us as we enter a new year, his planned travels for this spring and our transition to exclusively direct sales of the magazine (subscriptions and single issue sales).
Rural Bookshelf
Joe reviews five books this issue. Polyface Designs is a huge book with plans and instructions for building anumber of structures and a few vehicles for your farm. Revised and updated Canning, Freezing, Curing & Smoking Meat, Fish & Game is a great guide for all of these endeavors. Deerproffing your Yard & Garden is just that, techniques and strategies to deter deer from even wanting to come into your garden and way to protect it if they do decide to wander in. Two vegetable garden books includ the Week-by-
Week Vegetable Gardener's Handbook
and The Backyard Homestad Seasonal Planner both geared towards what and when to plan. All available in our bookstore by clicking the links.
J.C. Allen Archives
Vintage photos of rural life by renowned photographer JC Allen including watering checkens, Perchron teams, mules and more draft horse work around the farm.
Gabe Brown's Dirt to Soil
Selections from our extensive catalog of books and videos
on draft animal farming, logging, self-sufficient living
and much more.
Associations and Breeders Directory

(contacts for breed registries and regional draft clubs)

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american brabant logging
American Brabants Conan and Hannah bringing up a large white pine out of a nasty ravine.
Mechanical Advantage - Building a Half Sled - Half Wagon− − − click on title to read this story in full.
Ralph Rice needs a better sled to haul his sap collecting tank. So, of course, he designs one and builds it himself. Read about the process with great photos to help us do it ourselves.
Custom Grazing at Orchard Hill Farm
After "retirement", Ken Laing offers his services to cattle owners to use his land for grazing. He provides the land, fences and vegitation. Ken explains the process and the benefit to both soil health and cattle nutrition.
Rural Heritage on YouTube
We have lots of vidoes for you to watch on our YouTube channel. This article explains how to get yourself there and how to subscribe to the channel in order to be notified of new videos each week.
logging partners
One partner holds the log in place with a cant hook while the other takes a fresh “bite.”
The Kitchen Garden

Hazel Freeman walks us through planning, preparing, planting and harvesting all manner of plants to have both a beautiful, edible and productive kitchen garden.

The Necessity of Work
Katrina Julian writes about how important hard manual work is to a person and a horse. Her observations of people and horses lead her to think about how important building muscle and tone is for both to do the day's work.

More Tips for Teamsters and a Little Traditional Horse Logging

Dick Courteau returns woth more of his well-earned wisdom, this time on logging with horses, equipment and tools and many pearls of wisdom.

kitchen garden
Kitchen gardens mingle vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. They can be bountiful and beautiful too.
Restoring the Arctic Point Lookout Cabin
Jenifer Morrissey reports on a crew and pack line that traveled over 100 miles round trip to haul materials and equipment to restore a damaged 100-year-old fire cabin in Payette National Forest in Idaho.
Tales from Carter County - Superstitions
Jerry Hicks writes about some old superstitions we all know, with humor and some background on why some may have a bit of truth to them.
Chiara Dowell tells a story of her struggling farm, having to sell her animals and the generosity of a neighbor farmer that saved her family cow and gives her hope.

vintage hand tools
Vintage tools an 18th century homesteader would likely have.
Learning Opportunities with Suffolks
Ralph Rice discusses the past year in his new adventure with Suffolk horses and what he has found.  Their calm temperament makes for a wonderful work horse.
Traveling with Tools
Part 2 in a continuing story about re-creation of an 18th century Kentucky homestead. This article is about all of the tools Jerry Hicks will carry, handle-less, to his farm site at which time he will make the handles for them.

Don't Let the Dream Die - Share Your Draft Horses
Ralph Rice wants us all to share our draft horses with as many people as we can so the legacy of these animals continues with the next generation, and many to come.
Morrison's Feed and Feeding
Pete Cecil introduces us to this 120+ year old "Handbook for Students and Stockman". "The most comprehensive text ever written on the subject of animal nutrution and general care" is still relavent today, especially with the trend to return to a more holistic, closed farm approach to feeding.
Cover Crop Cocktails
The Nordells tell us about their "cocktails" of cover crop seed used on their plots. They tested a variety of combinations and tell us about the results and how it increases soil health and water retention.
harvesting broccoli
Harvesting broccoli in a field preceded by Maize-Pro cover crop cocktail with produced the best fall vegetables on the farm.

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