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Sure is lonely out here.... Any one else home?
Garden is going well, 3" of rain a few days back, no drought here. Sure feel for you guys out west of here. A friend in Kansas sent some photos of the wheat 'crop'...... almost made me cry. I remember the good days in ND and SD when we had some huge harvests....

God bless,
SW Wisconsin

vince mautino says 2022-09-10 20:47:47 (CST)

It has been slow here for quite awhile. Not many posts.

Here in my part of Colorado we have had quite a heat wave and drought. Then it turned fall over night. High of 47 here today, light rain.
I had put a few potatoes in this year, but lost them all. I dug them up probably too soon and they all turned green,no place to store where it was cool and dark. If I had waited a week it is perfect temperature for that now .

Because of the drought, rain came too late and hay is nonexistent.I was lucky enough to buy my years supply before everyone noticed,but it is year old hay.Good for my mules though. Right now the cheapest 3x3's are $160, if you can find them. Most are going over $200

I was suppose to leave for an elk hunt last Wednesday, but a stroke the end of July stopped that

20 days ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Mike Rock says 2022-09-29 12:26:42 (CST)

We had our first hard frost a few nights ago. Zinnias and tomatoes took it hard, many other flowers made it. 30 degrees down here in the valley. Horses loving it, the flies are dead!! Out rolling and dusting up, having a great time.

Time to haul in some dead oaks, up to 24" dbh. Six to ten foot chunks haul pretty well. Smaller, longer ones too. Oak blight is slowly killing off the red and white oaks, so sad. Elms are gone, ash trees are almost a memory and now the oaks. The few hickory trees we have are okay for now. Walnuts are happy, as are mulberry and wild apples.

I'll get out in a bit to the shop and see how bad the frost really is. If it's ice chipping time again, it's kind of early.

God bless,

1 day ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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