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1 month ago

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It's been a mild winter so far. Tonight we are looking at 4 more inches of snow. A few days ago we had a dusting and the horses had a back rubbing contest. First Missy, the Haflinger did her thing, made the snow a little dirty. Then Jake, the big Percheron went down and wriggled all over.... no black stuff on the snow but he was happy and ran off bucking..... 15 years old and like a colt. Looks like most of them have rolled, there is dirt and flat spots in the snow all over near the round bales they get. Hope we don't run out.

Hope all is well out in Nebraska and your leg is healing fine.

God bless

K.C. Fox says 2021-01-26 23:53:09 (CST)

I'm doing real good the Dr said unless it hurts really bad we are done. The cold bothers it worse than the other foot, I can get my boots on now so it is not bad just some harder to walk than before. We got 5-6 in of snow on the ground temps in the single digits. Normal winter now after such a nice fall and nice winter so far not bad. I got the last of my bales in the stack yard this afternoon. I will have to cut some more wood in FEB but that is normal I have a bunch to split. Hope and pray everyone is doing OK this winter. Cows are doing good on the wind rowed hay so haven't had to hay them this winter yet they might have enough to last until they start calving.

1 month ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Mike Rock says 2021-02-01 21:04:18 (CST)

There was a small band of heaviest snow, from Rockford, Il up to north of the Wisconsin river. Yup, we live in it. 16" new snow out in the flat, on top of 6" of snow turned to ice. Valerie got the Bobcat stuck and you could not see the rims. Time to start feeding with a team but it would be more for their enjoyment than anything else. Sure is pretty though!

Let's see what that crazed ground hog does tomorrow. Probably going to explain that glowbull warming means endless winter now ;)

I was going to go out and make snow angels but figure if I flopped over in the snow they wouldn't find me til spring. Going to make a snowman instead, 35 degrees so the top layer is good packing snow.

God bless all

26 days ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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