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I'm going to a different DR to get X-RAYS of my foot because I don't think it is set right as all of the swelling is not gone out of my foot. Otherwise I'm doing OK just some headaches that I will probably have to live with the rest of my life not a big deal as Ive had migraines for 30-50 years, and Ive found out how to live with them. We rounded up our calves today there going to the Auction barn WED. All the summer pasture cattle have went home. We cut and split a bunch of wood last weekend so we are ready for the winter. We had a covering of ice this morning supposed to get some snow tonight we need the moisture. I hope everyone is ready for the winter. The best to all of you until later.

Ralph in N.E.Oh says 2020-11-10 17:39:38 (CST)

K C Fox, Glad to hear that you are mostly healed up! It is a good feeling to be ready for winter. We too are wrapping up the last few jobs and taking advantage of some unseasonably warm weather to squeeze in a few more projects. My harvest is all in, the sugarhouse woodshed is full and we are working on 2022 wood to keep us all busy. Take care

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