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well we are starting to go to branding,s here tomorrow we will go to the one that is about 75 miles a friend moved away from here. We leave at 5 in the morning I think they have around 500 calves to work. there are 2 tomorrow so had to pick which to go to. We have about 1/2 of our fence checked an part of our well turned on for summer. The cows are still eating hay there getting picky about the hay that they will eat. our branding wont be until 15 of may as we calve later. It just started to rain 30 min ago.

K.C. Fox says 2019-04-28 12:13:39 (CST)

we got to the branding at 8 rounded up the first bunch and started roping and dragging there was 8 sets of wrestlers on the ground. The second bunch was done by 1 we eat a wonderful dinner and got the 3rd bunch in and was done by 4.30 there was around 800 head of cow calf prs eat a little lunch and got home about 6-7 last night I heel roped all day my arm is a little sore today. there was 6-7 ropers all day. 4 branders 3 cutters 3 that vaccinated 1 that gave shots for scours. a great group of workers. it looked like it could rain at any time all day. it did sprinkle on Toby and I as we went down early in the morning. Toby roped some He was on a young horse that got tired quickly I was on a 10 year old horse and he was a tired horse last night but he did a real good job. I was asked to rope was told if you play out just trade out with someone else and if you feel like roping more get in there. Going to go to an auction at Ainsworth at 1.30 so will talk to youall later got 3-5 brandings to go to the next 2 weeks it is a busy time of the year we enjoy every minute of it though.

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Klaus Karbaumer says 2019-04-30 10:41:39 (CST)

See my response on your other post. You are as active as ever. When I work my horses(which I did a lot the last week - spreading compost, plowing, disking, ) I do everything from the seat of the forecart, not from the saddle like you, K.C. That would be a long way up for me!

2 months ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Ralph in N.E.Oh says 2019-05-02 15:31:38 (CST)

KC you are an inspiration to many! Thank you for sharing. It gives us all something to think about. I can't imagine being in a saddle all day.

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K.C. Fox says 2019-05-03 18:42:42 (CST)

we went to another branding today about 300 head started at 7,30 this morning 2 bunches and was done by 1.30. I heel roped all the time as i have a hard time working on the ground. Had a great dinner and was home by 3 road horseback through our calves no new ones only have 10 to be done.

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K.C. Fox says 2019-05-06 08:41:07 (CST)

Today there was 2 brandings one would get done about 11 eat dinner go to the other 6 miles away that one would get done about 4-5. Brand about 350 head altogether. But at 6 this morning it was trying to rain, it is raining now will have to brand another day. I have a eye Dr appointment at 1, to get new glasses I can see better without the ones I have now,

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K.C. Fox says 2019-05-12 00:10:11 (CST)

are more branding's this week but I can't go as I will be busy hauling cattle 5-6 days this week and next week also there going to summer pasture.

2 months ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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