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7 months ago

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I am looking to create a list of safety rules for a club. These would be used during our farming show. We have many non club members come with horses to participate. And we feel it is good to have a list for all to read over so no shortcuts are taken when we have large groups of spectators around the horses and equipment. Any other groups/clubs have them implemented? Thanks for assistance.
Lori S.

Klaus Karbaumer says 2018-09-15 20:40:50 (CST)

of course one way to do that is to contact an insurance agent who deals with these kind of events. This is a litigious society in which many people take the slightest injury to court.
But here are a few points, which I gathered from the time when as a president of our our local riding and driving horse club in our community in Bavaria (where we were not as much afraid of litigation as there is reason to be here) we conducted a good number of shows and field days:
1) Members bring only horses that are very well trained in whatever they do.
2) Members themselves do at the event only things with their horses they have experience in, no new tricks or experiments when the public is involved.
3) The local authorities have been informed, if you expect large numbers of participants and/or spectators have contact established to an ambulance and set up porter potties.
4) There need to be clear instructions/ visible lines/ tapes etc. that separate the show arena/field etc. from the spectators.
5) No unsupervised contact between the public and the horses, watch out especially for children.
6) If you can afford it, find an event insurance!
7) Have enough helpers stationed !

I hope these points are no deterrent, but you cannot be careful enough!
Have fun!

7 months ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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