Post a Photo or Video

Steps to add a photo to your post:

  • Format: Images must be .jpg, .png or .gif formats.

  • Size: Files limited to 5 MB per image, up to 5 images are allowed.

  • Upload: After writing your message, click on the “upload” button. This will prompt you to find an image file on your computer that you wish to post.

  • Choosing multiple images; To choose multiple images that are in sequential order, simply hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on each of the files you wish to include.  To chose images that are not sequential, hold down the CLR key (PC users) or COMMAND key (Mac users) and click on each image.

  • NOTE: Images may take a few moments to upload, depending on image size and Internet connection speed.

  • Cropping:  The image(s) will appear with a crop box. You may change the size of the crop box to include more of your image, however, the proportions of the crop box will remain the same.  Click on the side or corner of the crop box to adjust the size.

  • Confirm: Click “confirm cropped image.” If you have chosen multiple images, they will appear one at a time. Click “confirm cropped image” each time. After you  have confirmed each image, the names of your image file(s) will appear.

  • Submit message: Simply click on the “submit message” button. Once your message has been approved for posting, your image(s) will appear as thumbnails as part of your post. Viewers can click on the images, and will see the larger, uncropped versions of the images.

Steps to add videos to your post:

You may post videos through links to YouTube, Vimeo or other trusted third party video hosting services. Simply include the URL address for that video in your post.
For example:

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