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1 year ago

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Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!
We have started school again and Mom has changed our subjects for the quarter so, I won't have as much time. I should be able to answer comfortably once a week. Hopefully more but I can't promise. We are doing sewing and cooking and with there being 7 of us children in the family it takes a while.

Changing the subject. I want to take the time to thank you guys for not holding my age against me and not overreacting to what I post. Even if I shouldn't have said it(sometimes things get through the filters. That's one of my week spots talking whether it's good or bad) I thank you guys for being adults and letting it roll off your backs. Most people get offended when I question them about their animals and methods. I know that an offense is not given it is taken but at times you would think that it was the other way around by some of the reactions that I have gotten.

GOD bless,

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