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When I feed in the evening, I scratch the horses on their chest and between the legs. That's when I find the ticks. They are up to a quarter inch long and have a light rust color and each location will leave a large welt. This is happening in late fall with nights dropping down into the thirties. Does anyone else have this problem?

Redgate says 2015-11-22 20:54:54 (CST)

When we first got our horses, I would periodically find ticks on them--especially under the jaw area. We provide regular supplementation of a free-choice mineral mixture for all our livestock, that consists of mixture of kelp, sulfur, copper, and dolomite. It is an excellent mixture when done in proper rations, and the pests/parasites simply aren't as attracted to a nutrient-sufficient host. We haven't had an issue with ticks since those first few months. Meanwhile, as you said, pull them off, being careful not to leave the heads. Treat the bite area with some of ointment or wound spray, and just watch it.

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