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What is the primary purpose of cultivation?

So. Oh. Bill says 2015-11-20 19:33:51 (CST)

weed control.

3 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

carl heth says 2015-11-22 14:11:41 (CST)

cultivating aerates the soil so the plant will grow better. I noticed that this past summer when I tilled the garden the plant grew faster. carl

3 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

JerryHicks says 2015-11-23 08:11:37 (CST)

To control weeds.

3 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Klaus Karbaumer says 2015-11-23 13:25:24 (CST)

Well, while weed control is an important part of cultivation, it is not the most important one in my opinion. Unless we call preparing the soil and seedbed for planting tilling only, in a broader sense cultivation would cover that , too. While it is true that many crops could be planted by only spreading seeds on top of the ground without any tillage or cultivation, there are a number of crops which either demand to be covered with soil or even stuck into the ground which would demand a preparation in form of turning or loosening the soil, generally referred to as cultivation.

3 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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