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With the growing season gradually winding down( even though we still are harvesting kale, arugula, beets, leeks and radishes for a while on our farm) one already thinks ahead to the next season.
In the latest issue of RH magazine ( which again brought fascinating reports about HPDs and therefore should have been praised ) there is on page 7 the depiction of One Horse Machinery's Tool Frame with two row planter seeders attached. The latter ones are available at Home Depot. I had one of these and it lasted exactly for two seasons. Just like the Earthway seeder they have vertical plates to pick up the seeds and to drop them into the seed channel from where they drop down. This system after some time starts getting unreliable since the plates do not fit tightly to the walls of the seed container so that especially after some use seeds get picked up between the plate and the wall. This makes the plate work unevenly and even get warped. I replaced these seeders with the ( more expensive) JP series seeder available from Mechanical Transplanter Company, LLC located in Holland, MI. This seeder is a gravity seeder in which the seed rolls are below the seed hopper, therefore are not afflicted with the weaknesses of those mentioned above. While the vertical plate seeders may be okay for smaller operations or home gardens, they will not do the job in my opinion for commercial operations. If you already spend the money on a good tool carrier, you might as well get a good precision seeder.

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