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4 years ago

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I took a horse to the vet yesterday and found out she was navicular. I put PLR shoes and a 3 degree wedge pad with frog support on her fronts today (that is a lot of work). That was his advice. I also gave her previcox. Anybody have experience with this? Out of six horses i now have 3 that have soundness issues and they are the best ones in the bunch. Very frustrating!

Michael Sills says 2015-09-17 23:57:24 (CST)

Not that a vet dont know there stuff but i would get with a really good ferrier i had one horse and had heard of several other cases where horses were called Navicular and in fact they had a pretty severe heel contraction where the rear bars on the foot had closed up too much and was pinching the nerve in the foot it took some time and cutting bout 6 months or so but he got the foot spread back out in the back and kept cutting deeper with each trim in the "clean outs on the foot so it could open and close like its supposed to when they walk this promotes the circulation etc but that horse was not navicular and ended up a very sound horse once properly shod and trimmed

4 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

PaulaB says 2015-09-18 06:48:50 (CST)

Here is an article by Pete Ramey, which can provide some good food for thought about methods for managing hoof lameness diagnosed as navicular syndrome.

If you have multiple horses with the same issue as this, I would begin to think it might have something to do with how their hooves are currently being trimmed and maintained.

4 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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