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Been kinda quite around... i loaned my team to the medicine lodge indian peace treaty along with a few other guys around this area. Its not been to bad even though i miss seein the big lugs around the pasture and im sure my quarter horses are tired of gettin rode all the time now. But it has gave me time to get the new chicken coop put up and move the chickens in. Which i may add was a fail my coyote hunting dog ripped the coop open and killed one before i made it out to beat him! So now it had a welded wire dog kennel around it to keep the temptation from being to much. Cant hardly blame the dog though he is just 4 and hasnt seen chickens in over 2.5 years. And he is a hard core catch dog that consistantly catches coyotes and hogs tracks wounded deer etc. His whole life he has been taught to kill. but he used to run when he was a pup with the chickens and never minded them. Hopefully lastnights come to Jesus meeting with him will deter any further attempts. I had him in the coop with me this mornin to feed them and he wouldnt even look at them. lets hope anyway. He is a smart dog and my buddy. Plus who can blame him i love chicken too!! anyways if any of you are in Kansas hit up the Peace treaty re-enactment covered wagons indians guns going off chases etc. I believe its the longest going peace treaty in us history. think they even told me it was the last known Govt peace treaty with the indians in the US.

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