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the summer pasture cow& calves got pre conditioned yesterday. Toby and his brother Jason and me started at 7 . We rounded them up and got them into the corral about 10-11 sorted them and got them all run through the chute. had some problems getting them through. the cows broke one panel and almost got out. bulls got to fighting almost tore down some fence panels. We got done about at 2. Courtney had dinner cooked It was a really good meal. we finally and took him to got a bad bull loaded in the trailer. then I took him to Burwell Livestock Sale barn he will sell today. I got home at 7 last nite.

NoraWI says 2021-09-30 14:02:38 (CST)

Sometimes nothing goes right! But it did end well... except for the bull.

2 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

K.C. Fox says 2021-10-03 02:57:16 (CST)

some times nothing goes right just not bad at least no one got hurt, thank GOD. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts

2 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

K.C. Fox says 2021-10-08 06:27:27 (CST)

the bad news is the pins that were put in to hold the bones together pulled loose and Monday the 11th Beverly has to go in for shoulder replacement surgery. Because her bones are soft the pins wont hold according to the DR. I asked why they didn't do replacement surgery before they operated the first time, I got looked like I was stupid and got no answer. then they just went ahead and did the surgery with the pins, which I didn't agree with. so I will post more after the 11th. thank all who read and prayed for her recovery and well being. GOD bless you all be safe and well.

2 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

K.C. Fox says 2021-10-08 06:40:38 (CST)

The bull was going to go this fall anyway. He was hard to handle he would try to hook a horse if you tried to move him by himself and acted like he might take you if you walked to close to him. He had horns that curled in and he couldn't gore a horse. I did not like his attitude, we had just bought him last spring. I already replaced him with a young British White bull that acts a lot better.

2 years ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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