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We will try to brand the calves tomorrow, weather permitting. It is supposed to rain tomorrow morning and rain showers tomorrow afternoon. the weatherman said rain today and we never got any until about 1 hour ago it just sprinkled enough to use the wipers. we tested bulls today so we are getting ready for summer. I leather ed 2 wells yesterday in the summer pastures there is enough grass to turn out. the cows quit eating hay 2 1/2 weeks a go. we are just done calving 1 week ago. I hauled my last load of cornstalks last week. I got 10 loads of yearlings to haul to summer pasture in the next 2 weeks. one bunch is going to be in the Harrison NE area. I bought 1 1/2 beef to eat one for my son and a new freezer for him Monday i will take it out to CO for him. A neighbor tried out a new horse today it bucked him off and got away from him he had to walk about 1 mile.

K.C. Fox says 2020-05-20 21:21:48 (CST)

we got the calves all worked both bunches. We were going to the house to eat dinner when it started to rain so we just got done in time.

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