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9 months ago

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My RH magazine arrived today and provided for some fine reading on a rainy day. Of course, like always, I read it all in one sitting, front to back, and enjoyed everything.
I am amazed that the editors of our magazine , in this case I guess primarily Susan, had time in addition to bringing out the magazine to spend on making acorn flour. What an effort!
Charlie Tennessen struck a chord with me, since I am using the scythe a lot these days, almost daily, but not to cut hay, that's a job for the horses, but to provide mulch for the long rows of tomato plants. With the severe drought we are in , only interrupted by occasional heavy down pours, I had to change the way I am farming. Now I keep everything that doesn't or can't produce a crop right now in grass. When the grass gets high enough I mow it towards the row of tomatoes on either side and produce an ever deepening row of mulch. I have used the scythe ever since I was a teenager and don't get tired of mowing with it. And it is neither noisy nor uses any fossil fuels. And at age 71 I need the physical exercise, don't want to let my muscles atrophy.

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