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12 months ago

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Hope everyone is doing well. Things have definitely been interesting, if nothing else, at our place this year. Plenty of ups and downs and enough challenges to keep us on our toes. I light of discontinuing our tobacco contract and not really coming up with anything to take its place, I took a part-time job at a local feed store. It's alright, but public work is public work and I still haven't figured out how they know to schedule me in on the nice days and let me have the rainy days for myself. Speaking of rain, I bought a "New to me" Number 9 mower at the recent Amish School Benefit Sale. "Rebuilt" with a six foot bar. I'm thinking it needs a little going over but appears to be ready to cut some hay. If I ever catch a break between the rains I plan to give it a go. I may just drop in and start clipping pasture to try it out. Trying my hand at produce gardening this year, a little late in the starting, but what don't sell will feed hogs I reckon. The store where I'm working started a farmers market and as they were needing people to take spots, they talked me into selling plants and produce. The verdict is still out on how that will go. I'm new to produce, but anything to keep the mules in the field is okay with me. I've been building fence most of the spring and still have about a half mile to go. Of course I could build a lot more if I wanted to, it seems like there is no end to it. That's enough of my ramblings, but that's a little of what all I've been up to.

Klaus Karbaumer says 2018-06-02 16:41:02 (CST)

Great to hear from you again, Jerry.
Vegetable production can be quite lucrative, if done right, and it is one of the few branches of farming where you can be a price-setter, not a price-taker, if you develope your market.
There is a learning curve and climate change is throwing some wrenches, but otherwise it is very rewarding.

12 months ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

NoraWI says 2018-06-03 07:41:17 (CST)

Welcome back, Jerry! We certainly missed you. Customer contact is very different from communing with critters day to day. But I'll bet you are having a beneficial effect upon the customers. You certainly have a lot of knowledge to share.

12 months ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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