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I used to post and be active here for a lot of years. Things changed and I will do so again. I'm down to one broke cross bred and a saddle horse. Starting to look for some black colts to start but they are scarce here and have increased in price to the point that I may have to try to start some colts that are not draft bred.
We have experienced the toughest and longest winter in forty years with a huge snow pack that tells me I should have a bumper dry land hay crop. Seeding grain and raking hay are my my most favorite jobs for the team.The young team I sold a few years ago is still being used by the same owner and I almost cried when I talked to him last month I missed them so much, and of course the money is long gone ! Glad to be back. Happy Easter Monday. smith

Klaus Karbaumer says 2018-04-03 08:54:48 (CST)

Welcome back.
Selling horses is somthing a lot of people do, some for money, some because of lack of time or lack of enough space, but it is never easy when somebody got attached to them. At least you got yours a good home. Out of sight, out of mind obviously didn't apply to you.

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