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at this time 11 we have 7" of new snow it started to snow about 3.30 this afternoon and it is still snowing we are to get 6-12" hope everyone is prepared for the snow.

NoraWI says 2018-01-22 10:51:21 (CST)

Snow? We've had a heat wave! 46F! It has been raining since yesterday. The snow has almost all melted in southwest Wisconsin. My creeks are veritable rivers right now, roaring downhill and joining in the wetlands. I hope my century+ old chicken coop doesn't flood! And I look towards lots of slip 'n' slidin' fun as temperatures fall at chore time tonight!

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K.C. Fox says 2018-01-22 12:24:38 (CST)

we now have 12" of snow wind about 15-20 mph wind not real bad toby and courtney got stuck this morning so got them pulled out got the calves and horses fed their hay first hay fed this winter. It is a beautiful day in No Central Nebraska

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K.C. Fox says 2018-01-25 12:08:18 (CST)

we still have snow as it hasen't all melted what has it going into the ground and that is good as we are dry here. I heard that we are 2-3 years into a 10 year drought. What are your though's on that? I'm cutting back on summer pasture cattle this year by 30% I think that will be enough.

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Klaus Karbaumer says 2018-01-27 16:28:29 (CST)

We haven't had any substantial precipitation for a long time and are in a real drought. What we really see are the indications of climate change with its ever more unreliable weather patterns. RFD-TV weather maps show that more than 60% of the 48 states are in a drought pattern and it doesn't seem to be breaking any time soon. I thnk it is wise to adjust to that and make contingency plans. I know that growing vegetables is not getting any easier, probably have to plan on less plowing and more mulching.
The other day there was an interesting report on NPR concerning growing barley. They reported that whereas it used to be grown in the Midwest, then moved up into the Dakotas and even there it got to be too warm for it, it now moved into Idaho and Washington. Farmers in North and South Dakotas switched to corn and soybeans, both of which we have more than enough! Scientists are working to develop a winter variety that would grow that like rye. The problem with barley for the beer making market is that it has to be harvested at exactly the right time, too early and it won't germinate for malt, too late and it might germinate on the stalk after a heavy downpour (which can occur as the result of a summer storm) and then is lost for beer making again [Now here we have a real serious crisis says the Bavarian in me!!!].

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NoraWI says 2018-01-28 06:41:09 (CST)

Barley for beer! Thank you, Klaus, for giving me a quick lesson on barley. I like to use barley in soups and have trouble finding it in the stores here. I also like to use barley straw for the donkeys, who can use less nutrition and more roughage in addition to their grassy hay. I have found only one farmer around here who grows barley and makes barley straw and he charges more for it per bale than I pay for good quality, well made grassy hay. Sadly, I don't buy it. Was wondering what he did with the barley itself. Beer!

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Mike Rock says 2018-01-29 11:27:11 (CST)

Wis is beer country!! Here's the old Ladish Malt Company storage facility in Jefferson. Now it's owned by Cargill. One view shows the railroad going into a little shed area to unload. Compare the size of the silos to the railroad car sized door.....sheesh! I had some friends who were pipe fitters and worked under there on some jobs. They said the smell was incredible at times. This is only one of the storage facilities for barley. Yup.....WI is a barley state.

Wow......found another history of the company:

God bless

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Redgate says 2018-01-29 15:58:04 (CST)

We haven’t used our snow plow in 2 years! Our weather patterns here in central IL are all over the place. My husband is a native here, and he says he can’t remember a year growing up without regular rain and plenty of snow. Now, we go from warm winters to crazy cold, but the lack of precipitation is killing us. We have spent many thousands to dig ponds all over our farm to give us sources to pump water for the stock. The lack of precipitation, however, is keeping their levels pretty low, and our cisterns and well nearly dry. We’ve been rationing water from our house-hold rain-water collection system for so long, it’s become normal life. We have to haul water from town for the stock about 3 times week at this point, as do many farmers in our area. It’s crazy! Thankfully, we have also been improving our soils so they retain our little water very well. It’s keeping the pastures going fairly well, and limits the amount we have to irrigate the crops. Hopefully, this year will be a bit easier.

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Klaus Karbaumer says 2018-01-29 23:05:15 (CST)

Yes, Mike, Wisconsin is beer country, with all the German breweries it used to have , especially before Prohibition ! But all over the States small breweries are springing up again, brewing craft or artisanal beers. And they all need barley !

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Dan in Illinois says 2018-01-30 12:03:01 (CST)

We are overdue for big snow in central Illinois but moisture is needed for 2018 hay pasture and crops. Hay is already pretty high, hardly any for sale in local area.

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Klaus Karbaumer says 2018-01-30 14:50:23 (CST)

Danielle, I hope with you. I see you have done all,you possiby can do, digging ponds, rainwater collection!
What we are fighting with here are the hard torrential rains we get after long periods of drought in summer, not entirely conducive to growing vegetables commercially.

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