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1 year ago

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My wife and I have been traveling around the state to several different plow days and seen a lot of different types and brands of plows. Some plows are doing a good job and others very poor. My wife has been using an Oliver 40 and I've grown fond of my old Chattanooga 65, both walking plows. We were just wondering everyone else's opinion of their favorite plow. Sulky or walking.

JerryHicks says 2017-11-20 05:06:45 (CST)

Just about anyone who has discussed plowing with me knows that I sure do like my Vulcan 12. I've had a few Vulcan 12s, but I'm partial to the one I call mine. It has a wooden beam, and I have come to prefer a wooden beam over a steel one. I also have a Vulcan 12, Rose Clipper with a steel beam. It's a good plow and does a good job of turning ground. It just doesn't have the feel to it that the wooden beamed plow does. I like the wooden beam for many reasons. It's lighter. I can set it in a wagon or on a sled by myself. I can scoot it around to where I want it or tip or push it any way I like. It'll never get sprung, like a steel beam might. If I break or crack it, I can always go to the woods and cut me a new one. They grow'em every day. The plow itself has more adjustment than a typical steel beam plow. I can loosen a bolt at the heel of the beam and kick it a little to one side or the other and take a little more land, or a little less, as the job demands, or as it suits my team. I also have a Vulcan 13 wooden beam, and it's a good plow in good soil. I have just never got to liking it the way I do my 12. Part of the problem is the jointer. My 13 came without one, but needed it. I have hunted but never found a Vulcan right hand jointer for it, so I ordered a Pioneer jointer. It didn't really fit my beam, but I shaved a spot down for it and bolted it on. It works, but it just does. It never seems to cut as well as the old Vulcan jointer on the 12 beam. I have watch the jointer on my 12 and it works just as it should; like a tiny turning plow, it cuts about an inch and half or two inches deep, and rolls grass sod right over in front of the plow shin. Thanks to the Vulcan 12, I love plowing!

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