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1 year ago

rh comment count

we got 1/4" moisture last nite first since 27 of may. I rode pastures all day checked cattle some calves are sick dust phenomionia have lost 5 so far out of the take in pr's. both of my dogs are played out and the mule that I rode was played out to. Temperature was over 100 all day

Klaus Karbaumer says 2017-07-12 11:15:04 (CST)

And you are one 'tough cookie" to ride all day in this kind of weather. The dogs and your mule seem to be tough, too, by the way. My dogs hardly go out of the house in this heat. I work early in the morning and then in the evening after seven.
Here it is very hot and humid, hope for some rain by Friday.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

NoraWI says 2017-07-13 05:59:14 (CST)

And here in southwest Wisconsin we have had rain every 2 or 3 days. Temps are in the 80s but the humidity is high. Can't make hay when you don't get at least 3 days of sunshine! But pastures are growing at an incredible rate... as are the weeds. The critters can't keep up with all the grass so it has to be mowed to keep from going to seed. Flood warnings today.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

vince mautino says 2017-07-14 11:39:22 (CST)

It has rained here now the last three days, but we went 6 weeks with only an 1/8" of rain.
I was so dry here, the catfish I caught had ticks

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

K.C. Fox says 2017-07-15 20:15:09 (CST)

We have no rain yet, 100+ several days in a row. worked on a tractor today I picked up a piece of 2" well pipe felt like it was going to burn my hands just from the sun shining on it.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Ralph in N.E.Oh says 2017-07-15 20:47:13 (CST)

Howdy folks, we here are having the fourth wettest July on record. There are still quite a few acres of first cutting hay standing, waiting to be cut. We are in pretty good shape because we pushed hard and wasted no time or drying days. Pastures are very lush and green. My hope is that you guys in the dry, get some of our moisture. Plus, man it has been muggy here!

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

K.C. Fox says 2017-07-19 02:20:03 (CST)

50 miles away last week and this week they got 1"--2" inches of rain we got 6 drops on a red brick so it can still rain if it wants to. I worked In the shop the last 2 days putting a Hydraulic winch on my pickup I run it off the power steering pump have to put a 1/2 gallon tank on now for the oil and it will be done. I use it to pull the pump rods and leather windmills.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

Ralph in N.E.Oh says 2017-07-20 10:42:18 (CST)

Interesting project KC

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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