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My RH magazine arrived today and , like always, it contains a lot of wonderful articles and pictures. Needless to say, that I fully agree with Charlie Tennessen's remarks on sustainable agriculture. Everyone of the other articles is worthwhile reading, from Katrina Julian's to Taylor Johnson's etc. But I'd like to express my astonishment about the tiptoeing around the explanation of what an ox is in the pertinent articles. An ox is a castrated adult male of any bovine species and as such can be trained to work (females by the way, too.) Is that too harsh an explanation for the audience of both Mr Henderson and Ms Carpenter ? Already in earlier articles pertaining to oxen I missed that very clear definition. It should be easy to explain even to the most ignorant city (sl..) person, that a bull with his raw power and unconstrained sex drive is generally too hard to manage. Even among horses it is usually the gelding that we use, very rarely the stallion.

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