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1 year ago

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Vince , you should be close to this sale, do you know anything about this horse drawn equipment in Elbert Colorado? This looks to be a good sale with some unique equipment.

vince mautino says 2017-03-14 23:44:15 (CST)

Wow. Didn't know anything about it. Email me particulars and I will look into it.

If I had to guess, it is probably is a farm sale .I am about 15 miles f rom there.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

vince mautino says 2017-03-14 23:59:40 (CST)

Found it. Looks like a lot of really nice wagons and some other equipment. Doesn't say, but many of these auctions have buyer's premium tacked onto sale price

Preview : Friday June 16, 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday June 17, 8:00 a.m. to auction time

Location : 23480 CR 61 Elbert, Colorado 80106

Look on At the top of the page are some red boxes Click on Auctions. Scroll down and find the Watts Ranch auction. Pictures and descriptions follow

Auctioneer Note: This is a rare opportunity to buy at public auction a collection of wagons and carriages with no minimum or reserve. Harley D. Troyer Auctioneers has been selling wagons and carriages for many years and we feel honored to conduct this auction of the best outstanding collection we have ever sold. Mr. Watt has spent many years putting these museum pieces together. Folks that know Mr. Watt are familiar with his desire for only the best of quality and this collection speaks for itself. Plan now to attend the auction and explore the Rocky Mountains.

1 year ago via Forums | Front Porch Forum

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